fcclogowords.gifThe FCC comment period ended on July 9th. With the comment period closing, the next phase of the FCC process, The Reply stage begins. Replies are due by July 24, 2007, and as the name implies, reply comments are used to respond to comments filed by other parties. You may file reply comments even if you did not submit comments initially. The FCC Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) allows you to view other comments that have been made and filed.

When submitting a reply, be sure to use the docket (or proceeding) number 07-57, and be careful not to raise additional or irrelevant information. Readers can use siriusmerger.com and xmmerger.com to file their reply comments with the FCC. Also, be sure to state the comment you are referring to in your reply. It is also helpful to state your position early on in the reply, and then to back it up with your response.

All comments can be viewed here by visiting the FCC website and entering 07-57 in the proceeding box. If you would like to narrow your search, you can do so by inputting additional information in the appropriate boxes. For example, if your senator or congressman was one of the 72 that participated in the letter against the merger, and you wanted to reply to that, their letter is located in the ECFS system here. You can reply to more than one comment.

Readers who participated in the comment process can now take the next logical step and participate in the reply process. Do those congressmen and senators represent your opinion? Let it be known. Does C3SR represent and advocate on your behalf? Let it be known. The process continues, and so should your participation