In a move that has had little press, and perhaps demonstrates the track of FCC with regard to hearings and decisions, HD Radio stations may be allowed to increase their signal strength output beginning today. While Sirius XM is awaits a decision that will possibly cause interference from the WCS spectrum, HD Radio is getting the green light to up the power.

The FCC order permits FM's HD licensees to increase their digital power by 6dB without prior notice or by as much as 10dB by first filing an informal request. It has been alleged over the years that HD causes interference of its own. Through the process, the FCC did have request for review and a petition for reconsideration filed, but it seems that it will be ignored, and HD Radio will begin boosting signal strength today.

It is anticipated that the roll out will not be at all stations. Some stations have costly build-out issues that will prevent them from jumping onto the additional power band wagon as yet. It is anticipated that the bigger markets will see the boosts first.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio