What a difference a day makes. Yesterday the NAB enlisted support from member stations to cause a shift in the percentages to the tune of 8 points. One day later, the PRO Merger camp comes out swinging, and virtually erased the results from June 27th. It was my intent to update this scorecard weekly, but the activities of the last two days warranted additional coverage.

It took quite some time to sift through all of the comments filed today, but in the end, the new Sirius Buzz FCC Comment Scorecard data has been entered and tabulated.

fcc comment scorecard

The largest lead to date has been 60 points, and as of today, the lead for the PRO MERGER side is 57 points.

The comment period closes on July 9th. If you have not yet let your opinion in this matter known, why not visit SiriusMerger, and get yourself counted to the F

CC as well as your congressmen and senators.

Some may feel that these comments do not carry weight in this process. For those that feel this way, the activity of the NAB yesterday clearly demonstrates that, at least in this case, the public opinion is very important. So make sure you let your opinion be known.

Position – Long Sirius, Long XM -IMOJB