Well, we have had five busy days of looking at comments filed with the FCC regarding the proposed Sirius and XM merger. In the past week, consumer sentiment regarding the merger has skyrocketed from 52% in favor and 44% against to 77% in favor and 21% against.

This has been a hot issue this week, and it was the starting of the FCC time clock that set consumers in motion. From an 8 point differential a week ago to a 56 point differential today is a powerful and impressive statement by consumers.

We keep this issue front and center because we want those that have deciding power over the merger decision to know the consumer opinion, and further, to KNOW THAT WE KNOW.

All to often special interest groups carry a much heavier hand than the average consumer. A few comments here and there regarding an issue can easily be swept under the rug. However, a big consumer turnout ensures that your voice is heard. We encourage you to share your opinion if you have not already done so by simply visiting SiriusMerger and filling out the form.

fcc comment scorecard

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM