menorah.jpgHanukkah soon approaches and millions of Jewish people will celebrate the festival of lights. They celebrate the miracle of the Maccabees defeating the Greeks, with the help of their leader Judah. After three long years of war, the Maccabees defeated the huge Greek army to come home to a Temple in ruins. As the Maccabees needed oil to light their beloved Menorah, they only had enough oil for one night. But miraculously, the Menorah stayed lit for eight straight nights. The Jewish people remember Judah Maccabee, his brave men and women, and the little jar of oil that lasted eight long nights. This is my Hanukkah miracle….

The merger of XM and Sirius approaches and sixteen million listeners will celebrate the beginning of a new media revolution. They celebrate the defeat of the National Association of Broadcasters, with the help from their leader Mel Karmazan and the many shareholders and listeners who will fight for justice. After many months of filing paperwork, fighting the many powers of terrestrial radio, the pro mergers defeated the NAB and the Jacobians. They came home to radio with choice, radio free of commercials, radio free of government intervention. They came home to a la carte pricing and NFL and Major League Baseball under one platform. As the NAB and the Jacobians cried about losing millions of costomers, the XM/Sirius merger along with the brave believers lasted much more then eight crazy Sirius nights.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all.