Over the past week or so a smattering e-mail comments (a bit over 100) have been arriving at the FCC. For the most part, every one of these comments is against the proposed merger of Sirius and XM.

fcc comment scorecard

The interesting thing to note about these types of comments is not so much the opinion they have relative to the merger, but rather the e-mail addresses that many of these comments come from.

The comments at first glimpse appear to be from Joe Q. Public, but when you see where they are arriving from, companies such as Clear Channel, Greater Media, and other radio stations appear in the sending e-mail address. Example

It would appear that a small campaign has been implemented to get people at these companies to participate in the comment period, and that they have tried to facilitate that by suggesting that their workers can e-mail their comments. What was likely unknown was that the e-mail address of the person sending the comment would be included.

The impact on the pro-anti merger stats has not been substantially impacted. At this point, on a relative basis, nearly 75% of the comments have been favorable with regards to the merger.

While the comment period is officially out of date, the FCC continues to accept and post comments as they arrive. If you want to express your opinion, you can do so by visiting Siriusmerger or XMmerger.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM