Last week Orbitcast reported on the new logo being sported by Sirius XM. At the time of his article Ryan Saghir seemed to question whether or not the Sirius XM logo had pop. Certainly the stock has had pop lately, but the opinion of many is that Sirius XM's new logo is to bland, too simple, and lacks character.

Far be it from me to be a critic...but, I do think that the change does not represent the Best Radio on radio. What prompted this piece is the story of the Gap changing logos. Consumers seemed to hate the new Gap logo, and what transpired next garnered the Gap a ton of attention. The company decided to let consumers design the new logo and opened the contest up on their Facebook Page.

Perhaps Sirius XM should consider the same. It would deliver exposure to the Sirius XM social networking pages, give consumers a chance to interact with the company, and deliver positive exposure and press. Hopefully a logo with more POP can come out of it as well.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio