It would be easy to see how the Sirius XM Signing of Chris Mad Dog Russo would ire Scott Ferrall of Howard 101. Perhaps it might even leave Ferrall a bit twisted. After all, Ferrall has been doing his national sports gig for quite some time on Sirius, and I am sure he has been a bit humbled by all of the press and statements that have surrounded the signing of Chris Russo.

In a press release issued by Sirius XM Radio, the company stated, “Having Mad Dog on SIRIUS and XM will fuel subscriber growth and create new and exciting opportunities for advertisers. Choose whatever sports analogy you want — this is a big win.”

Ferrall never got this kind of love!

In the same Press Release, Sirius XM’s Scott Greenstein said, “Mad Dog is a national personality and now he has a radio audience that spans the country. Already a regular on national television, including The Late Show with David Letterman, Mad Dog will now be heard every day by listeners across the nation. He is now unleashed and the result will be a compelling and informative channel with totally unique access and attitude. We are thrilled he has chosen to join us as we deliver fans the very best in sports talk radio.”

Wow! Where does that leave Ferrall?

Well, Scott Ferrall is a big boy, and as such likely understand the business. The new guy on the block is always lauded. Ferrall should be well capable of understanding this. Ruffled feathers for Ferrall? Yes, I am sure the accolades placed upon Chris Russo sting a bit, but let’s be real here.

Ferrall fans are likely more upset than Ferrall. Scott Ferrall has his deal, and he has his niche. Scott’s show is more entertainment from a 1,000 miles per hour perspective, where Mad Dog goes a bit deeper. Ferrall simply slams teams, where Mad Dog is a bit more politically correct. Ferrall is about the wager, Mad Dog is about what makes the team win.

Simply stated, these are two entirely different shows that have entirely differing interactions with fans. Will fans cross over? Sure, but it would be much better if the shows ran back to back. Instead, Mad Dog’s show will end at 7:00 PM est, and Ferrall will go live at 8:00 PM est on another channel. The fact that the time slots differ should lessen the threat to Ferrall and his fans.

Additionally, Ferrall has Howard Sterns backing, and that should be enough to keep Ferrall satisfied, as well as the fans who feel Ferrall has been slighted. Scott Ferrall has never been mainstream, and I do not think that he ever wanted to be. He is the “underground” sports guy who runs his show with vigor. That being said, Ferrall and Russo are on the same team. Sirius XM Satellite Radio. A satellite delivered service that has room to appeal to many types of fans.

Chris Russo is mainstream, and Ferrall is edgy. Comparisons of the two are not even worth doing. They have different shows, and different perspectives. The two will likely never sit in on the same show, but fans will have the ability to fill their sports fix in a whole new way, and in the end, the consumers win.

Position – Long SIRI