When it comes to the proposed merger between Sirius and XM, Scott Moritz, Senior writer at TheStreet.com, is seemingly worried that the FCC review clock has not yet started. Mr. Moritz expresses concern that perhaps this stalling is a sign of bad news to come for both companies.

I believe that while the clock has not yet started, it is not reflective of the opinion of the FCC, but rather the FCC simply being cautions, and not wanting to appear as rushing anything through the process. I would suspect that the clock will begin ticking in the very near future, and the process will begin. The FCC has nothing to gain by starting the clock simply to start it. They are already posting consumer and lobbyist comments. So why do we call this dodging bullets? News sometimes has a way of impacting equities, and it is better to know what the press is saying when following these equities....in particular with the merger.

[via TheStreet]