Being in Times Square New York affords the opportunity to see many things. Today I saw that the American Muscle Car is alive and well. I also saw enthusiasm from passers by, and people very interested in Dodges return to Muscle Car glory. Passers by stopped and were talking about the looks of the car, the speed of the car, and the price point, which no one seemed to bat an eye about.

While this Challenger SRT is being driven on a tour around the country, it could have been driven by anyone. This car was approachable and exciting. In Times Square I have seen Ferraris, Beemers, and other high end cars around. People glance, and admired them from afar. With the Challenger, people were gravitated to the car from the first second it pulled to the curb.

Scott Vandekerckhove, the representative driving the car, could barely get out of the drivers seat before questions about the car started coming from the building crowd. He couldn't even keep his hands on brochures.

Being a satellite radio enthusiast, my trained eye went right to the roof line in search of the satellite radio antenna. Of course, it was there. It is on all 6,400 of these cars that were built in 2008, which carry a fully loaded sticker price of about $42,000 . Scott Van (he said I could shorten his name), was very personable. He answered questions, popped the hood open, and even let me take a seat behind the wheel of this beast.

After the initial wave of crowd faded, and before the new onlookers came I chatted for a couple of minutes with Scott about Sirius. He said that he loves the service, and that this tour he is on has given him a chance to catch a steady selection of tunes, as well as some Howard Stern.

Walking away from the Challenger I was encouraged to see that people still carry an excitement for cars despite the economy. That while people are watching their wallets, they can still picture themselves in a car such as the Challenger. The impressive and timeless looks of the Challenger SRT seem to bring young and old together in more ways than one. The retro look combined with modern performance, and a dashboard full of all of the gear an audiophile would want make the Challenger appealing across the demographic spectrum. The 2008 Challenger was a limited edition, but for 2009, the Challenger will come in three models with pricing starting as low as $22,000. I can picture a ton of passionate car fans jamming to satellite radio as they rev the engine of their Dodge Challenger.

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Position - Long SIRI