No, it is not a James Bond Post , though I am eager to go see Skyfall sometime in the next week or so.  This is not a technical update either... that will come later in the day.

I have an opportunity that I thought I would share with SiriusBuzz Premium members.  With the holidays around the corner you may be looking for that special gift, or perhaps someone out there is looking to get engaged.  Whether it is a ring, earrings, or simply a loose diamond to own, my business dealings may be able to benefit you.  In addition, I know that some out there love to invest in gold.  I have access to diamonds and gold and am passing that access along to you. To be clear... I see investment value in gold and I see little investment value in diamonds (but people love them).

Earlier in my life I ran a jewelry business and even though I sold out of that business years ago, I have maintained contact with and continue to do business with many people in the diamond business.  Recently I concluded some unrelated business with a long time contact.  He actually wants me to hop back into diamonds, but I am reluctant to make that switch for several reasons.  However, because I am in New York a lot these days, we converse regularly and long story short I thought that while I have no desire to do diamonds full time, I may be able to do something to help everyone.

Because I have an audience here and have built a trust, I figured why not offer up some diamonds at fantastic prices for Premium members.  Here is the deal.

1.  I do not want to intrude upon your time, nor do I want to eat up a lot of my time.

2.  I will sell loose diamonds that are EGL graded and certified.  If you want a setting and it is simple I can accommodate, but you need to do the leg-work on your setting.

3.  Diamonds will come with an EGL appraisal.

4.  Pricing will be set to move material, so credit cards are not an option (PayPal is fine).  I am helping you by offering a very very low price and I am helping a long time business associate by moving some merchandise with speed and efficiency.

5.  Most of the diamonds (and lots of gold) in the U.S. come through 47th street in New York.  Billions of dollars in transactions happen on this block every year.  This is my source.

If you have an interest in diamonds, gold, jewelry or watches and can be as specific as possible about what you are looking for, send me an e-mail to  In the subject type SiriusBuzz Premium.  Let me know what you are looking for and I will work my magic.  Technical update on SIRI later this evening.