Dear C3SR,

I felt it was time to address a few issues with C3SR. When you launched your organization, you did so without the input of satellite radio consumers, yet from the very start you claimed to be “the only consumer group in existence today solely dedicated to advocating on behalf of satellite radio subscribers.”

The definition of an advocate, as you have used the word is: One That Pleads on Another’s Behalf

This begs the question. If you launched without opinions of satellite radio subscribers, how did you come to know any position to advocate? Seems pretty simple, that if you were to have a desire to advocate on behalf of a group, you would first understand what that groups desires were. It appears quite obvious that C3SR never really had any subscriber opinion prior to launching.

Given this situation, it begs the question of exactly who C3SR was advocating for from the start. After organizing and getting a website established, C3SR hired a Sidak to generate a report on the merger. It turns out that this report was funded (at least in part) by the National Association of Broadcasters. Thus, the question naturally arises if the advocating of C3SR is for the NAB rather than satellite radio consumers as your website claims.

Now that the FCC time clock has started, the consumers are beginning to speak out with their opinions. Overwhelmingly, these opinions are for the merger. In fact, at this point, more than 2 out of 3 people are in support of the merger. Pretty telling statistics, and statistics that a satellite radio subscriber advocate group should be aware of if they were doing their stated function and advocating on behalf of the satellite radio subscribers.

The question is simple. Are you going to do your stated function and advocate on behalf of satellite radio subscribers, or are you going to change your stated mission to something that is more accurately descriptive of your function. The reason is clear, you are NOT advocating on behalf of consumers. Instead, you are basically labeling yourself as the messenger of an entire group of people when you actually seem to represent the minority opinion.

Just how many members does C3SR have?

How do you gauge the opinions of these subscribers? I have never seen a C3SR survey made in an effort to garner opinion.

C3SR, if you want to carry the label as advocate for the satellite radio subscriber, I would suggest that you first understand the opinions of the group.

At a minimum, you should change the claims you make on your website to be more descriptive of your actual function. Consumers will be watching.

Tyler Savery (And Any Consumer Who Does Not Need C3SR To Advocate)

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM