david rehrHas David Rehr Gone Mad? He actually penned a letter to Karmazin asking Sirius to withdraw the merger application today. He did not like Karmazin's comments at the Lehman Conference, and it appears that Rehr is good at dishing things out, but not very adept at taking them. He has been on the attack regarding the proposed Sirius XM merger from day one. He has attacked from every conceivable angle, and has called into question several times the character of the management of both Sirius and XM.

Now he has the gall and balls to be offended by Karmazin’s comments? Rehr has simply gone insane.

The NAB has thrown up road block after roadblock during this process. Rehr has the audacity to say that Sirius and XM are giving empty promises to minority groups, when it is HIS organization that has treated those groups like second and third class citizens for DECADES!

Rehr calls on Sirius and XM to “withdraw their application for the merger in the interests of consumers and competition”. Perhaps he should look at his own membership and their activities with regards to acting in the best interests of consumers. NAB members want to fight low powered FM, an option that would give minority groups a chance to have an interest in radio, both as listeners and as owners.

At this point not only is Rehr desperate, he is also being an ass. This letter, as many of Rehr’s actions have been misguided from the start. After arguing both sides of various issues for so long, it must all be catching up.

Rehr wants you to believe that terrestrial is not competition for satellite. He wants you to believe that terrestrial radio is serving local communities with important information. He wants you to pretend that terrestrial radio does not have owners with a national reach in many markets. He wants you to believe that the NAB is “for the people”, while he argues that low powered FM is a bad idea. He wants you to believe that consolidation is a bad thing unless it is NAB members that want to consolidate. He wants you to focus on the FM modulator issue and ignore the payola issue. He does not want to focus on the fact that the NAB membership pays NOTHING for royalties. He wants you to ignore that NAB content is syndicated on a national basis. He wants you to ignore that NAB members broadcast on a national basis over the internet, and that revenues of $200 million were generated in 2006 from NAB members internet broadcasts.
You can read David Rehr's letter to Mel Karmazin here, or better yet, give your opinion and discuss the subject with others on the Sirius Buzz Forums.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM