sirius xm logoSirius Buzz has learned that Sirius and XM are planning to test "crossover programming" at 1:00 PM Eastern time today. The crossover test will in effect air XM programming on Sirius, and Sirius programming on XM. Sirius listeners can tune into XM programming on channel 41 at 1:00 PM. Similarly, XM listeners can get a taste of Sirius programming on channel 38 at the same time. The test is intended to let engineers sample sound quality over various transmissions. The initial testing scheduled for later today relates to the use of a T1 line and how the sound quality is impacted by various music as well as talk. The channels will play 15 minute segments of various music types and genres, and some reruns of various talk programming. It has been rumored that the talk segment on XM will feature a partial replay of current Stern material as well as some best of material from his terrestrial days.

"Crossover Programming", while it sounds complex, is merely each respective company getting programming to the others uplink. From the uplink, each respective company will then beam up the signal to satellites, where it will then be beamed back down to receivers here on Terra firma. This is not Sirius' satellites beaming to XM devices, or XM satellites beaming to Sirius devices at this stage. Our source did indicate that XM's newest satellite, which is known to be capable of broadcasting on the full SDARS spectrum will be doing such a broadcast in the next week. If we are able to get more detail, we will post it.

So tune in at 1:00 PM, and get a taste of what the merger will deliver.

Okay, it is time to let everyone off the hook. APRIL FOOLS. There is no crossover programming scheduled. While in fact, such a crossover would be easy to accomplish, Sirius and XM have not scheduled any testing. What was written would be virtually the same as doing a live remote that currently happens on both networks.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM