cramer7days.JPGJim Cramer is definitely not any tamer. Today he did a stump speech that lasted over 12 minutes regarding the merger (View the segment here). Cramer named names of congressmen who have accepted money from the National Association of Broadcasters. Cramer even has a calendar that states that the merger is now 7 days overdue!

Now, to be fair, members of congress accept money from political action committees and PACS all of the time. This is how the system works. No, these funds are not directly "buying" an action on the part of these politicians. However, what can a congressman expect from an organization in the future if they are not "towing the line" now? Lobby dollars are about getting consideration. If a politician does not offer that consideration, they can forget about additional lobbyist dollars in the future.

Many points Cramer makes in the piece are quite interesting. The satellite radio merger has had more hearings that the Exxon Mobil merger as well as the Maytag merger. He also points out the fact that this merger seems to garner more attention that the war in Iraq, as well as the fact that Sirius and XM make up less than 5% of the national radio listenership.

Cramer concludes that these congressmen are not concerned with the consumer. They are instead concerned about lobby dollars.

Whether you agree with Cramer or not, it can not be denied that this merger has received far more attention than many others, and that the competitors of satellite radio have not only been very vocal, but have been helping to fund the political carreers of many over decades.

How long will Cramer continue this? Likely until a decision is made.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM