jim-cramer-on-air.jpgDo you think that Jim Cramer had a comment today on the Sirius and XM merger? You bet, the popular CNBC host applauded the DOJ decision to approve the merger, but also cautioned that the deal needs FCC approval. Cramer, who now puts a $5 target on Sirius outlined some concerns regarding the FCC decision. Cramer's target for Sirius would imply a $23 target for XM.

Simply stated, Cramer feels that the FCC may be tempted to block the deal. Cramer's solution...CONTACT THE FCC. Cramer is calling on consumers to let the FCC know that they want the merger approved.

It is certain that those against the merger will step up their efforts after failing to sway the DOJ to their side. Those against the merger now have one last shot to get the deal blocked, or at least chase their wish list of concessions. Now it is upon consumers to ensure that the FCC understands that consumers want the merger, and not just a few, but a large number of consumers want it.

Consumers can express their opinion, and should do so by visiting SiriusMerger or XMMerger

Position - Long Sirius, XM