When contemplating the merger between Sirius and XM Satellite Radio, one needs to consider the competitive landscape. Merger proponents state that the audio entertainment landscape is robust, and that satellite radio competes with not only terrestrial radio, but i-Pods, MP3 players, cell phones with streaming content, as well as Internet radio.

Last evening the competitive landscape was outlined in the NFL game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. Not on the football field, but in the commercials during the game.

There were the usual beer commercials and automobile commercials, but the commercials that I found most interesting were from Sirius and Apple, both vying for the ears of consumers. Sirius featured their new commercial where they illustrate how everything else falls short of what Sirius has to offer. The Apple commercial featured Mary J. Blige jamming and dancing while promoting the iPod and iTunes.

The commercials ran a few times each during the game, and clearly they were both trying to garner consumer attention, and therein lies a clear illustration of the competitive landscape in the audio entertainment arena. Advertising in a prime time NFL game where companies who want to sell content to consumers. Apple and Sirius were after the exact same audience, and both were compelled enough about getting the attention of consumers that their ads were featured more than once.

Both commercials are very well produced, and both get across a message in their own way. We have embedded the two ads below for readers to review themselves.



Position - Long Sirius, XM