With the economy down as much as it is, the equity markets taking a beating, and people looking at their 401K's and wondering where everything went, it is easy to forget those that may need the most help. Let's not allow that to happen. Bad economic conditions often translate to people putting off charitable giving, as they worry about their own wallets and seemingly can not afford to put dollars anywhere else. I, Tyler Savery, ask that you fore go one dinner out, and consider doing something special.

Sirius XM Radio has been hit very hard this year. The merger process took forever, and the economic crisis came right on the heels of approval, meaning that the company had fewer opportunities available to finance debt that is coming due. This has investors gasping for anything that they can consider as hope. This also has caused huge division of opinion on what exactly the company should be doing.

I would hope in these trying times that a bit of common ground could be found. Perhaps it can in an issue that steps away from satellite radio, yet still bears a connection because of Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin.

Many people have seen the blue puzzle piece that Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin wears on his lapel. That puzzle piece is the symbol for Autism Speaks, an organization committed to funding research into autism, helping families who have to deal with the condition, and working to find a cure and/or treatment. Mel Karmazin is a member of the Autism Speaks Board of Directors, and has a grandchild with Autism.

Regardless of your stance on Mel Karmazin's performance at Sirius XM Radio, I think sector followers can all appreciate the kind heart Mr. Karmazin has had with regard to the issues surrounding Autism, and in this small way can demonstrate a bit of unity, while at the same time helping a very good cause. Karmazin has done a lot to further the autism awareness issue. People rarely hear about it, but a Google search will show the commitment he has to this issue. Bear in mind that what you find on Google is only a small portion of what this man means to Autism Speaks.

That lapel pin worn by Mel Karmazin is For less than the cost of one months subscription, you can make a difference in the world of Autism. Stamped on the back of the pin is the Autism Speaks slogan, "Autism Speaks. It's Time to Listen." Why not join the cause, increase awareness of autism, and show that SiriusBuzz readers, and the satellite radio crowd means more than the price of the stock, a favorite radio program, or a financing deal in the midst of a poor credit market.

While I would never tell someone where to donate their money, I would like to request that regular readers take it upon themselves to learn more about autism and order a Blue Puzzle Piece Pin. If you do participate, please send a photograph of you wearing the pin, as well as your name and address and a brief message to tyler@siriusbuzz.com. I would like to honor those that have supported the effort with a forum page showing the photos and comments of all of you on January 31st, 2009. In addition, I will send a personalized thank you from SiriusBuzz for showing your support (printing and postage on me). You enjoy SiriusBuzz for free each day, SiriusBuzz Radio for free each week, and you enjoy satellite radio for a nominal subscription fee each month, please consider a small $10 donation to a special cause just once this year.

Position - Long Sirius XM, No affiliation with Autism Speaks.