channel 15Classic Rewind is filling the air with threesomes this weekend. No, not that kind of threesome (tune into Bubba The Love Sponge for that), these are bands with three members!

This weekend is seeing a lot of airplay from Genesis, The Police, and one of my all time favorites, RUSH. Needless to say, I have my Stiletto and S50 docked and recording. What do Rush, The Police and Genesis all have in common? They’re all classic power trios headlining huge summer tours. Classic Rewind’s And Then There Were Three Weekend rolls out three-in-a row by Classic Rewind’s most famous threesomes.

Tune into channel 15, and catch some of your favorite tunes from these bands in blocks of three. Because they are jamming out all weekend, this is a great chance to get some of the less played songs stored into your portable. Personally, I am looking forward to getting some more Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart stored on my devices.

The action can be found on Classic Rewind Channel 15.

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