phone.jpgChester Davenport of Georgetown Partners has plenty of time to meet with the FCC, but it appears that he will not give shareholders the time of day. He has had over 30 meetings (the latest meeting) with the FCC in his quest to get 20% of satellite radio's spectrum for an undisclosed "lease" amount, and an undisclosed business plan, but even after about a month of leaving messages, Chester will not return a call.

Why not let shareholders have more meat and potatoes on your plans Mr. Davenport? Is there something you are hiding? Is there an aspect of this that you do not people to know about? Is it that you hope to negotiate with the FCC and leave shareholders out of the equation altogether?

Mr. Davenport, you have my number. You can call any time. The questions on shareholders minds are not that difficult, so why not step up to the plate?

Perhaps it is because I have been critical of Georgetown Partners. I am critical because you are not providing detail. I have also been critical of U.S. Electronics. However, when their open access concerns were separated from the arbitration with Sirius, I produced a fair piece outlining what the U.S. Electronics position was. Heck, U.S. Electronics even used the piece in one of their filings with the FCC.

Mr. Davenport, if you want support, you need to tell us your positions. It is really quite simple.

Pick up the phone Chester.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM