2davenport.jpgIn a twist that shows how at least one shareholder feels about Georgetown Partners and Chester Davenport's requests surrounding the merger, a filing has been made to the FCC in the name of Chester Davenport. Having followed the comments on this merger from the beginning, I thought it ironic that Davenport himself would send a comment to the federal regulator. Upon opening the comment, all I could do was chuckle.

The comment includes statements such as, "Please hand myself and Georgetown Partners 20% of Sirius and XM's spectrum once you approve this merger. We, unfortunately, do not have the ability or skills to accomplish anything on our own and desperately need a handout."

Now, I did get a good laugh out of this comment, but do not encourage readers to do something similar. In my opinion, comments to the FCC need to be serious in nature and address the real concerns of consumers whichever way they feel about the merger.

The Davenport Spoof Comment

UPDATE Looks like the spoof comment has been taken down from the FCC website. perhaps Chester made a phone call. He seems to have enough power to get over 30 meetings with the FCC.....It goes without saying that he may well have used his influence to get the comment removed. It is just as well, the comment, while humorous served no real purpose. Notice that Chester is not disavowing any of the Sirius Buzz questions placed before him.

Position - Long Sirius/XM