Sirius XM Inks Deal With MSNBC

Sirius XM Radio announced today that they will begin to air MSNBC programming on April 12, 2010. The cable television network has popular shows such as Hardball with Chris Matthews, and hosts such as Andrea Mitchell, Dylan Ratigan, and Rachel Maddow. The deal represents another television network parlaying their content onto satellite radio. Fox, CNN,… → Read More


What Rosie Brings To Satellite Radio

Rosie Radio is here on Sirius XM Radio. Whether you agree with her lifestyle, politics, or thought process does not matter. What matters is that she is here on Sirius XM, and that she will have an appeal to fans. No, Rosie is not going to personally be responsible for a groundswell of subscribers, but… → Read More


New Daily Morning Show with Rosie O’Donnell on Sirius XM

It was just a few months ago that the old fauxs turned friends, Howard Stern and Rosie O’Donnell first made nice on the Sirius XM airwaves and now it looks like their new found friendship will be put to the test in a little friendly morning show host competition. Rosie Radio is set to launch… → Read More


Fox Business Has Passionate Fans

Channel changes create all kinds of reactions. Over the past month or so Sirius XM has made channel changes and subscribers have either loved or hated the result. Among the most vocal of subscribers have been those that dislike the direction the company has taken with any particular genre or content. More often than not… → Read More


Sirius XM Launches Show With Bobby Flay

Today Sirius XM Radio announced that Bobby Flay, the renowned chef, restaurateur, award-winning cookbook author and television personality, will host Bobby Flay Radio, an exclusive five-week series of live call-in shows. Satellite Radio subscribers can tune into some savory content delivered fresh from chef Bobby Flay on Sirius ch. 108 and XM ch. 139 where… → Read More


Fox Business Dropped From Sirius XM Radio

The channel lineup is still receiving some tweaking and this time XM subscribers lost the Fox Business Channel. The Fox Business channel is somewhat newer, and not as well established as its brethren CNBC and Bloomberg. This is not the first time Fox has made the news with regard to satellite radio. For a period… → Read More


Vinnie Politan And Jay Thomas Anchor New Channel

Finally, a Sirius Stars channel that has a consistent morning and afternoon drive show. Sirius Satellite Radio has launched Sirius Stars Too on channel 108, and talk radio fans have something to cheer about. The new talk channel features the ever popular Vinnie Politan in morning drive, and the fun loving Jay Thomas in the… → Read More


Need To Get The Little Things Right

Sometimes it is the little details that get missed. In tough economic times, getting the little things right is perhaps more important than ever. Imagine this. Being a Friday morning, and with a 70 mile drive ahead of me, I got into my car and tuned in to Howard Stern only to find that it… → Read More

Game On From Maxim To Launch October 17th

Maxim Radio, one of the exclusive talk radio channels on Sirius is launching Game On this Friday. The show promises to teach and inform listeners on how to attract people of the opposite sex, how to build confidence, and how to show that you have game. The new show will air each Friday from 2:00… → Read More


Will Take Rate On Best Of Determine the Future Of Opie And Anthoy?

First things first. This is not a bash piece against Opie and Anthony. It is looking at the situation about their contract negotiations in a realistic way. When Sirius and XM were separate companies, Opie and Anthony were the premium “shock jocks” on the XM line-up. Now that the companies have merged, there is potential… → Read More