Sirius XM to Launch TMZ Live on Sirius XM Stars

Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI) announced today that TMZ Live, the daily entertainment news program hosted online by Harvey Levin on, will be available to its millions of subscribers beginning in June. Celebrity news is all the rage these days, and now Sirius XM has the authority on celebrity news on their own channel line-up…. → Read More

Sirius XM Finds Way to Keep Rosie O’Donnell

Only a few weeks ago it looked as if Rosie O’Donnell would be leaving Sirius XM in pursuit of a new television show that is launching on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. On air talk went so far as to acknowledge Rosie’s departure. Rosie fans need not fret. Today all of that changed when Sirius XM… → Read More

The Future of Satellite Radio Takes Over Fuel TV

Jason Ellis has been lighting up the airwaves every afternoon at 3pm ET on Sirius XM Faction and now he’s aiming to do the same with a four part series of Ellismania, set to debut tomorrow, April 6th at 10PM ET on FUEL TV. For those of you who haven’t tuned into his show (you… → Read More

Charlie Sheen Based Channel Launched By Sirius XM – Tiger Blood Radio

Capitalizing on all of the news that surrounds Charlie Sheen, and on the heals of Charlie calling into the Howard Stern Show, Sirius XM has created a limited run channel titled “Tiger Blood Radio”. The name comes from quotes by Charlie expressing that he always carries a WINNING attitude and has tiger blood coursing through… → Read More

Sirius XM’s Jason Ellis Gets Morning Drive Slot

Jason Ellis, a popular personality on Sirius XM’s Faction channel is getting some additional exposure in morning drive with scheduled shows on Sirius XM Stars Too. This puts the shock jock head to head with Opie and Anthony as well as Howard Stern. Ellis, who’s original claim to fame was skateboarding, became one of the… → Read More

Sirius XM’s Opie & Anthony Promotion Ongoing

It was just two days ago when Opie & Anthony’s Facebook page stated, “It’s Monday tomorrow…. FYI 4 shows left in contract. We’re still talking and trying to work something out…peace!” The contract negotiations between Sirius XM and Opie & Anthony has now moved into the eleventh hour and fans are all wondering what will… → Read More

Sirius XM Promoting Opie & Anthony – Spread The Virus Everywhere

As time ticks away on the Howard Stern contract with Sirius XM, the company is not sitting idly by. One might say that they are hedging their bets by promoting Opie & Anthony more-so than they have in the past. In fact the company is making it a point to let subscribers know that Opie… → Read More

Arizona Immigration Law Takes Center Stage On Sirius XM

The Arizona law surrounding immigration is set to take effect on July 29, 2010.  It has been a hot topic ever since announced.  Now, with nine states backing up Arizona, the debate has been set.  Is immigration a federal issue or a state issue?  Should law enforcement be allowed to question people about their legal… → Read More

Barbara Walters Returns To Sirius XM Radio

It was back in May that Barbara Walters had to virtually put her life on hold in order to have heart surgery. Her popular satellite radio show went on hold as her fans co-workers thought of her in this critical juncture. The news of the success of the surgery came shortly after, but her recovery… → Read More

Sirius XM’s Scott Ferrall Gets Gig With ABC

Scott Ferrall has been a constant staple on the Howard Stern channels since they began. He airs a nightly sports talk show that is a bit edgy, full of energy, and pure Ferrall. Scott knows it all. Whether it is baseball, football, hockey, the NBA, or even soccer, Ferrall has an opinion, and listeners love… → Read More