Sirius XM Inks New NFL Deal

As was widely anticipated Sirius XM has inked a new deal with the National Football League. The deal paves the way for seamless and uninterrupted coverage of every NFL game through the Super Bowl in 2016. The biggest addition to the deal is the fact that Sirius XM, in addition to broadcasting over satellite, will… → Read More


Sirius XM Introduces SMACK TALK Videos For Fantasy Sports Radio

Sports Radio is all about controversy and debate. It is a “my team is better than yours” argument between fans, hosts, and even teams. Smack talk originated on the field of play, and now, thanks to a nifty little piece of software Fantasy Sports Radio fans can talk some smack of their own. On the… → Read More


Sirius XM Kicks Off NFL Radio Training Camp Tour

Sirius XM is set to kick off their annual NFL training camp tour. The feature, unique to satellite radio is a much anticipated annual event that fans from all teams love. In addition, it is a great way for fans of Fantasy Football to gauge the players of the NFL for their teams. This is… → Read More


Sirius XM Kicks Off Fantasy Sports Radio In Style

SIRIUS XM Radio (Nasdaq:SIRI – News) announced today that as part of its SIRIUS XM Celebrity Fantasy Football Draft it will host an all-day showcase event featuring live music and a series of special broadcasts from a wide variety of SIRIUS XM hosts at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City’s Times Square on… → Read More


Sirius XM’s New Fantasy Sports Radio To Let Listeners Pick Show Title

Fantasy sports has become bigger and bigger with each passing year. What started as fantasy baseball teams has now evolved into fans creating teams and tracking statistics on nearly any sport you can think of, and born from that a full time channel on satellite radio. Sirius XM’s Fantasy Sports Radio features non-stop talk, insider… → Read More

pebble beach

Sirius XM To Broadcast 2010 U.S. Open Live

Golf is a wonderful pastime, and the personalities in golf have brought more attention to the sport than ever before. This week, Sirius XM will deliver the cream of the crop in golf tournaments by offering live coverage of the U.S. Open. Even if you don’t listen to the whole broadcast, the live coverage is… → Read More

world cup

Sirius XM Offers Extensive Coverage of FIFA World Cup

On a global scale the World Cup is one of the most prolific sporting tournaments anywhere. Soccer has fans that span not only nations, but continents as well. Sirius XM Radio has helped promote soccer over the years with the broadcast of games from various leagues. Sirius XM Radio announced that it will broadcast all… → Read More

2010 Kentucky Derby Coverage On Sirius XM Radio

The Kentucky Derby will kick off Saturday, May 1, 2010 for the 136th time, and Sirius XM Radio has all of the coverage you need to check out the odds, and get the inside scoop about the fastest two minutes in sports. People have been arriving in Louisville for the last two weeks, donning their… → Read More


Sirius XM Covers 2010 NFL Draft

The 2010 NFL Draft is set to kick off April 22nd, and NFL fans are sure to tune in to see who was drafted by their favorite team. Content such as the NFL Draft is covered by many media outlets, but is almost made for radio. The draft covers three days of teams being “on… → Read More


Formula One World Championship Live on Sirius XM

Today Sirius XM announced that they have more specialty programming coming our way with live access to each and every 2010 Formula 1 race, making them the only U.S. broadcaster to do so. In addition to live coverage of each race, Sirius XM will offer multiple replays, giving listeners several opportunities to hear every event…. → Read More