NiceMac Grounds StarPlayer Project

When it was rumored that the NiceMac application to allow iPhone users to listen to Sirius XM radio was not approved people began to wonder. Then the rumor of Sirius XM getting ready to launch an application of their own came out, and the writing was on the wall. The StarPlayer Project would be shelved…. → Read More

Sirius XM to Release FREE iPhone Application

Today it was announced that the uSirius, Sirius XM application for the iPhone, had been rejected by the app. reviewers at Apple. The guys at Nicemac put up a release on their website earlier today that paints a pretty clear picture of what has recently happened. Sirius XM has clearly moved to take action with… → Read More

uSirius iPhone Application Denied

After weeks of waiting, it was announced today that Nicemac’s uSirius iPhone application has been delayed for the time being. Several things came to mind as I read the latest news updates. It seems to me that if there was a problem with the technology of some sort, Apple would have denied the application outright…. → Read More

Official: uSirius iPhone Application Submitted for Review

Nicemac LLC has officially submitted uSirius, their Sirius XM streaming iPhone application for review by Apple today. All there is to do now is sit back and wait for this gem of an application, that has been long overdue in the eyes of Sirius XM fans and shareholders alike, to be approved by the powers that… → Read More

NiceMac’s iPhone App Could Boost Sirius XM’s Cash

The NiceMac USirius StarPlayer application for the iPhone is generating a ton of buzz! SiriusBuzz is giving away 7 invites for the application, and with over 300 comments on the promotion, it is clear that people are clamoring for an application that marries Sirius XM Radio with the iPhone. The application, developed by NiceMac requires… → Read More

Giveaway: Sirius XM iPhone App Private Invites

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended, thank you all for your interest. The guys at Nicemac are still hard at work trying to get the latest version of the uSirius StarPlayr out to the public and they have been nice enough to give SiriusBuzz 7 private invites to give away. If you have an iPhone and… → Read More

StarPlayer Application To Work With iPhone

For as long as I have been involved in satellite radio, there have always been the rumors of a relationship with Apple. The iPod has redefined how people listen to music, and for satellite radio fans, a partnership seemed natural. However, Apple has never been a singer of the same tune, and to this day,… → Read More

Sirius Benefits Of An iPhone Application

There seems to be a lot of excitement surrounding a new Sirius XM application for the iPhone. Sure it’s nice to have another way of receiving the Sirius XM service on a device that has sold millions and will probably sell tens of millions more by Christmas, yet it will probably not result in any… → Read More

Competition Alert – iPhone Prepares To Launch

Apple computer is set to launch their highly anticipated i-Phone later this month. According to a company spokesman as well as advertisements, June 29th will see Apple fans cheering. The phone will debut exclusively with AT&T’s wireless division. With a price tag ranging from $499 to $599, it will be interesting to see if Apple… → Read More