Sirius XM App Passes 1 Million Downloads

The Sirius XM Radio app has been on iTunes for a couple of weeks now, and recently passed the 1 million download mark. This makes the satellite radio app one of the most popular downloads overall, and the number one music service download. The success of the long awaited app is good news for consumers,… → Read More

Improvements For The Sirius XM App

The Sirius XM app is out, and is a very popular download. It ranks among the most frequently downloaded apps not only in the music category, but overall. The app was an instant success despite the absence of Howard Stern, but the popularity has slipped in recent days, falling behind apps such as Paper Toss… → Read More

Does Howard Stern Want a Bite Out of Apple?

Last week Sirius XM finally launched an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app made big news in a couple of ways. First, the fact that Howard Stern was not available on the app was the major attention getter. The other newsworthy item is that despite Stern’s absence, the app has enjoyed a… → Read More

iPod Touch and Sirius XM App Review

I recently put my hands onto an iPod Touch in preparation for the Sirius XM launch of their iPhone and iPod Touch application. I wanted to get the device early on so that I could tinker with it a bit prior to the application coming out. Having never owned an iPod, I must say I… → Read More

Sirius XM Squanders Opportunity With iPhone App

The iPhone and iPod Touch application has finally made it to the market, but on a day where satellite radio fans and consumers should be celebrating, we instead see ire and confusion. Sirius XM’s app seems cool, but it is missing one of the biggest draws that satellite radio has. The App does not include… → Read More

The Long Awaited Sirius XM iPhone Application Finally Hits the App Store

You have waited patiently for 11 long months, been forced to read countless articles about it’s release, and even watched a home grown Sirius XM app that was ready to go 5 months ago get squashed like a bug but, all of that is over now… the official Sirius XM iPhone is actually available today,… → Read More

How Sirius XM Can Make iPhone App an Instant Success

Investors and consumers of satellite radio are anxiously awaiting the Sirius XM iPhone application. Talk of a relationship with Apple has been on the minds of satellite radio fans for years. Each year as the MacWorld event approached, speculation would arise about a possible announcement of a great new partnership between Apple and either Sirius… → Read More

iPhone Application Will Launch Sirius XM

For those that have followed satellite radio for a long time, Apple has always been seen as a brass ring of sorts. Over the years many investors were clamoring for a deal with Apple that never came to fruition. It just seemed right and natural to combine the live aspect of satellite radio with the… → Read More

Sirius XM and iPhone: OS 3.0

Back on March 17th, Apple announced the new Apple OS 3.0 for the iPhone. This upgrade to the operating system which adds over 100 features will be available for iPhone users absolutely free. First generation iPhones will not be able to receive every single feature but, they will receive most of them while the newer… → Read More

Sirius XM Now Available On iPhone

Allow me to again challenge the pessimistic views of the contingent that has formed, aligning itself against Sirius XM regarding free web based applications. Sirius XM will always win out due to its content and subscription business model. The Internet offers very little in the way of real competition and there is nothing on the… → Read More