GM Announces Volt To Use Android Platform

As satellite radio subscribers await the release of the Sirius XM Android app, some new news surrounding the Android platform has been released that could bode well for Sirius XM. General Motors will be releasing their new Volt car this year, and the combination of OnStar and Google’s Android platform sounds quite promising. GM has… → Read More

Sirius XM Updates SkyDock App

As SiriusBuzz wrote about last week in SkyDock Update Will Allow Pause And Rewind, Sirius XM Radio has now released their latest update to the SkyDock app, and the good news is that the new update delivers more than just pause and rewind. I have already downloaded the app, and the new features are well… → Read More

Android and Blackberry SkyDock Speculation

Sirius XM Radio already offers the SkyDock for iPhones and the iPod Touch. Over the past year Sirius XM developed an app for the Blackberry, and an Android app is expected any day now. With three of the five major platforms covered, the next logical question is whether a SkyDock will be developed for blackberry… → Read More

SkyDock Update Will Allow Pause And Rewind Feature

The eagle eyes over at Digital Radio Central spotted an interesting Crutchfield ad which promises a new feature for the XM SkyDock. According to Crutchfield, and other sources who confirmed it, a pause and rewind feature will be added to the XM SkyDock any day now. This is tremendous news for subscribers who use the… → Read More

Sirius XM Android App Could Be A Week Away

It was only a week ago that Sirius XM announced that an app for the Droid platform would be available in May. Today SiriusBuzz has learned that we may only have to wait another week to see the app live and in person. This is something that Droid owners such as myself have been waiting… → Read More

Sirius XM Android App Ready to Drop in May

Earlier this month I wrote an article about the sirius xm mobile phone landscape and the fact that what is happening in that market may give a good hint at Sirius XM’s next move as it pertains to content on mobile devices. Today the company announced that indeed, they will be launching an App for… → Read More

Survey On Blackberry Could Give Hints Of Sirius XM’s Next Step In Mobile Phone Arena

Sirius XM has an app for Apple’s iPhone. They also have one for the Blackberry. As yet, the company has not developed an app for Google’s Android platform. In an interesting article about possible consumer defectors from the Blackberry platform some interesting points and statistics arise giving a possible indication of what Sirius XM’s next… → Read More

Sirius XM Now on Blackberry With 7 Day Free Trial

Sirius XM finally announced today that they are getting into the BlackBerry game by offering access to a 120 channels of programming on the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Tour, and Curve. The best news? The new Sirius XM BlackBerry application will come with a free 7 day trial for new users. Do I wish it was… → Read More

What’s Next For The Sirius XM iPhone App?

The Sirius XM iPhone application has been released. Early success brought the app towards the top for the iTunes downloaded ranking, and since, the app has dipped to the #26 position. The initial wave of downloads has already happened, and now we should be able to gauge just how popular the app is going forward…. → Read More

Pandora Passes Sirius XM On iTunes

Whether Sirius XM investors like it or not, iTunes has become a sort of measuring stick of what is hot and what is not. If you can make it on iTunes, you have your hands onto something. For years, Sirius and XM fans have seen a partnership with Apple as the holy grail of determining… → Read More