Sirius XM Needs To Smarten Up In Smart Phones

I already know that the passionate fans of Sirius XM will not appreciate this article, but the fact of the matter is that Sirius XM needs to smarten up in the smart phone arena. If you love this company, you would want them doing their best, not try to make excuses for something that is… → Read More

Telematics Detroit Conference Says Apps Are The Future Of The Dashboard

Each passing month more and more smart phones are entering the market. These new phones are quite capable of delivering some intriguing services to consumers, and have even become a major threat to dashboard staples such as navigation. The Telematics Detroit conference this week unveiled what could be the future of the automotive dashboard. Apps… → Read More

Sirius XM Android App – A Technical Review

Sirius XM has released their highly anticipated app for the Android platform, and being an owner of A Motorola Droid, I couldn’t wait to download the app and put it through its paces. The app, developed for Sirius XM by QuickPlay Media can be downloaded through Sirius XM’s website with ease, and listeners can be… → Read More

Pioneer Combines Sirius XM, Ipod Funtionality, Bluetooth, 3D, HD Radio, Pandora, And More

The aftermarket car stereo market still exists, but it is not as robust as it once was. Today’s vehicles include better sound systems than in the past, and are now evolving to include many more features. Still, even with better stock systems, some people are compelled to have it all. It is that group of… → Read More

GM Announces Volt To Use Android Platform

As satellite radio subscribers await the release of the Sirius XM Android app, some new news surrounding the Android platform has been released that could bode well for Sirius XM. General Motors will be releasing their new Volt car this year, and the combination of OnStar and Google’s Android platform sounds quite promising. GM has… → Read More

Sirius XM Updates SkyDock App

As SiriusBuzz wrote about last week in SkyDock Update Will Allow Pause And Rewind, Sirius XM Radio has now released their latest update to the SkyDock app, and the good news is that the new update delivers more than just pause and rewind. I have already downloaded the app, and the new features are well… → Read More

Sirius XM’s YouTube Channel Gains Popularity

Sirius XM launched their Youtube channel some time ago, and the secret is getting out. The company promotes their YouTube channel on the main website, and if you have not checked it out you are missing something special. Social Media is becoming a bigger part of Sirius XM’s marketing expansion, and it is a smart… → Read More

Android and Blackberry SkyDock Speculation

Sirius XM Radio already offers the SkyDock for iPhones and the iPod Touch. Over the past year Sirius XM developed an app for the Blackberry, and an Android app is expected any day now. With three of the five major platforms covered, the next logical question is whether a SkyDock will be developed for blackberry… → Read More

SkyDock Update Will Allow Pause And Rewind Feature

The eagle eyes over at Digital Radio Central spotted an interesting Crutchfield ad which promises a new feature for the XM SkyDock. According to Crutchfield, and other sources who confirmed it, a pause and rewind feature will be added to the XM SkyDock any day now. This is tremendous news for subscribers who use the… → Read More

Sirius XM Android App Could Be A Week Away

It was only a week ago that Sirius XM announced that an app for the Droid platform would be available in May. Today SiriusBuzz has learned that we may only have to wait another week to see the app live and in person. This is something that Droid owners such as myself have been waiting… → Read More