The Future of Satellite Radio — Smartphones

Smartphones are all the rage. Whether Android, iPhone or BlackBerry, consumers are gravitating to them more than ever. Sirius XM has a presence in this arena, but has not yet made the game changing move that could cement them as the consumers choice for audio entertainment while at the same time increasing their subscriber base… → Read More

Teleca Brings Android Platform to Sirius XM

In what can only be called a vague and cryptic press release (.pdf), mobile technology gurus Teleca announced that they will be creating a development platform for Sirius XM Radio. The new platform is said to be a solution for Sirius XM’s next generation vehicle, portable, and more products. What does that mean? We can… → Read More

Sirius and XM Websites Merge — New Web Player + Brand Unification = WIN

In a move that has been a long time coming, the Sirius and XM websites have finally merged. The new web presence can bee seen at but, it should be noted that consumers can still get there via the older and urls. The new design is geared toward subscriber retention and revenue… → Read More

Toyota Launches Etune System At 2011 CES

The Consumer Electronics show is happening now and for satellite radio investors one major consideration is what is happening in the dashboard of vehicles. Several manufacturers are making substantial upgrades to their in dash entertainment platforms. Among those making big moves is Toyota. The company announced yesterday that their ETune multimedia platform will begin rolling… → Read More

Sirius XM Delivering More Content Via Mobile Apps Will Boost Revenue

The Consumer electronics show is around the corner, as are announcements regarding Satellite Radio 2.0, December auto sales, and perhaps even a subscriber announcement tallying up the totals for 2010. The real news however is an additional revenue story that is unfolding and almost unnoticed by many. Sirius XM Radio recently negotiated successful deals with… → Read More

Cyber Monday Satellite Radio Deals

Savvy shoppers and deal seekers traditionally brave the cold, long lines, and throngs of people each year on Black Friday in search of great deals for their holiday gift giving. Real savvy shoppers wait until Cyber Monday and score even better deals on the Internet from the comfort of their own home. If you are… → Read More

Orb Delivers Sirius, Pandora and iTunes

Internet Radio, whether Sirius XM, Pandora, Slacker or Last FM is becoming easier to stream on devices other than your PC. The evolution of smart phones brought Internet radio mobile. Now, with the introduction of Orb, the home stereo is easy to connect as well as affordable. With a retail price point of just $69… → Read More

XM SNAP Does Not Look To Be an Android Dock

Speculation is a wonderful thing, and all of the speculation surrounding the new XM SNAP has gotten the retail satellite juices flowing again. Upon first glance it seemed that the new XM SNAP would perhaps be a “SkyDock” type of product that could be used with 2010’s most popular smart phone line, the Android. Upon… → Read More

What is The Big Difference Between Internet and Mobile Internet?

As I pen this I find myself at Logan Airport waiting for a flight because I missed my scheduled flight. This situation has me spending an additional couple of hours on a holiday in an airport lounge simply waiting. With nothing else really pending, and every sane person taking some time off, I decided to… → Read More

Sirius XM Drops Ball On Android App

It seems that Sirius XM simply can not get up to speed on the Android platform. Last month the Android 2.2 platform known as “Froyo” began making its way to consumers. The update make droid phones faster and gives some cool upgrades like allowing flash based videos to be watched, and numerous additional voice commands…. → Read More