Sirius Receives Top Honors from CES

It was announced today that three of Sirius’s latest products were recognized for advancements in consumer technology design and engineering by the Consumer Electronics Association. The Sirius Backseat TV was recognized for the highest honor as the Best of Innovations while the Stiletto 2 and were selected as honorees by the judges. “We are proud… → Read More

Altec Lansing Gets Sirius

Somewhat lost in the shadows of the new Stiletto 2 and Sportster 5 was the nifty Altec Lansing Audio System (SR4021).  This new desktop system incorporates the Sirius Universal Dock, and thus is a perfect accessory for many Sirius plug and play units, and for stiletto users, it also acts as a charger. The system’s wedge shape… → Read More

Sirius Backseat TV – More Than Cartoons

I got a good firsthand look at Sirius Backseat Television today at Sirius’ headquarters in New York. As was announced today, Directed Electronics is coming out with the first aftermarket product for Sirius Backseat TV. The $299 kit comes complete with audio tuner, video tuner, child friendly video remote, audio remote and a diversity satellite… → Read More

New Stiletto Headphones Backwards Compatible

Among the new items that come with the Stiletto 2 is a pair of satellite antenna headphones that have a feature that some current Stiletto users will find as welcomed news. The new headphones can be used with the current Stiletto models, and will be available as a stand alone item. These Altec Lansing headphones… → Read More

Polk Audio Dock For Stiletto 2

I just returned from Sirius’ corporate offices where I had an opportunity to see first hand the Fall 2007 product line-up. Along with the items outlined in the Sirius press releases, there were also some other gems at the show, and one of them is the Polk Audio “miDock Portfolio”. This slick device is a… → Read More

Sirius Unveils the Stiletto 2

Measuring in at 1.9″w x 4.3″l x 0.6″d, weighing 4.3 oz., and with a 2.2″ color display, the all new Stiletto 2 is Sirius’s next shot at that portable audio entertainment market… you know, that other market the NAB says Sirius does not compete in. The all new Stiletto, like the original model, has the… → Read More

Sirius Introduces the all new Sportster 5

Just days after XM released the first color plug and play satellite receiver Sirius counters with a color display of their own. This next generation Sportster has the advanced features of its predecessor along with a user adjustable color screen display to match your dashboard lights or your current mood. The new Sportster measures 4.5″… → Read More

Sirius in Every Room With Sonos

SIRIUS Satellite Radio and Sonos have collaborated to provide SIRIUS subscribers with an exciting new way to wirelessly stream SIRIUS all over the house and control it all from the palm of their hand. Sonos connects directly to SIRIUS Internet Radio which will eliminate the need for an antenna, satellite radio hardware, or a PC…. → Read More

Eton Radio Combining Sirius and i-Pod Wont Happen YET

The new Eton ES101 apparently will not make it to the market…at least not yet. This nifty little unit which was slated to be capable of AM, FM, Sirius, would have also come standard with an i-Pod dock. It was supposed to hit retail shelves this summer, but last week, the information regarding the unit,… → Read More

Sirius Echo Now Available

Sirius subscribers will be happy to know that the long awaited Sirius Echo Signal Repeater System is now officially available. Our friends at TSS-Radio have the system in stock, and ready to ship. The Sirius Echo is designed to allow you to freely place your satellite radio receiver in virtually any location because it operates… → Read More