XM OnyX and Stratus 6 Announced By Sirius XM

SIRIUS XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) today introduced the XM onyX and SIRIUS Stratus 6, its newest Dock & Play radios based on the latest satellite radio technology and offering listeners user-friendly and easy-to-install entertainment for the car, home, truck, RV and portable use. The new devices contiue the plug and play tradition that has been… → Read More

Sirius XM Announces New Tabletop Internet Radio

Sirius XM Radio announced a new tabletop radio designed to bring the best out of the Internet radio offerings of the company. The all new tabletop Internet Radio makes it easy to enjoy SIRIUS XM’s online programming in the home or office without the need for a computer. This concept promises to make Sirius XM’s… → Read More

Sirius XM Unveil Mirge Interoperable Radio

An interoperable radio has been on the wish list of hard core satellite radio fans for quite some time. Now that it has finally arrived in the form of the MiRGE, those fans find themselves asking one simple question. WHY? With the merged channel line-ups, and the BEST OF programming now available, there is little… → Read More

XMP3 Review – The Best Satellite Radio Ever Made

Sirius XM Radio’s XMP3 radio is the latest in wearable devices for satellite radio. Featuring a small compact size, and an easy to use interface, the XMP3 brings music to your ears. At only 2 inches x 3.6 inches by .6 inches, and weighing in at only 3.1 ounces, the XMP3 will fit where you… → Read More

Starmate 5 Launches A-La-Carte Services

Sirius XM Radio has officially launched their first A-La-Carte receiver, the Starmate 5. The popular model will allow consumers to choose pricing plans that suit their needs, and satisfies part of the conditions of the merger with XM. The Starmate 5 will support A La Carte channel selection, as well as “The Best of XM”… → Read More

Stratus 5 Hits Retailers

The all new Sirius Stratus 5 has just arrived at retail and is now available to the public. While not all retailers have the product yet, our site sponsor TSS-Radio has just received a shipment, and was kind enough to give us a heads up. Now, before anyone asks, this is NOT an A-La-Carte radio…. → Read More

Squeezebox Review Follow-Up

I have had the Logitech Squeezebox Duet for a few weeks now, and felt compelled to do a follow-up review of the device. In my initial review of the Squeezebox Duet, I was impressed with everything from the packaging to the navigation, to the price point. I felt at the time, and still feel today… → Read More

Squeezebox Duet a Home Run

The Squeezebox Duet is a Home Run, and it’s because Logitech has covered all of the bases. Simply Stated, this is a MUST HAVE ADDITION to the sound system of any person who appreciates audio entertainment! We got our hands on the new Squeezebox Duet for a review, and I can tell you this…No one… → Read More

Logitech Squeezebox Gets Sirius

Sirius satellite radio is moving a bit deeper into the realm of Internet radio. Sirius Internet Radio streaming has been available for quite some time as a computer standalone or with units such as the Stiletto 2 and SONOS that use a WiFi connection to allow users to stream content. This latest move with the… → Read More

Starmate 5 – More Than A Name Change?

Speculation surrounding the capabilities of Sirius’ Starmate 5 has made its way around the Internet. The new device is in the midst of testing at the FCC, and a letter regarding the testing from the FCC mentioned XM Satellite Radio. This tidbit of information could be a clue as to an A-La-Carte capable receiver, or… → Read More