Cartfulls Of Shareholder Dollars

In what has to be one of the most interesting developments of the day, Georgetown Partners has stated, “Georgetown Partners adamantly opposes delivering to Sirius cartfulls of taxpayer dollars by granting spectrum flexibility for it to broadcast television, while at the same time Sirius denies that there is sufficient spectrum to provide for a satellite… → Read More

Sirius And XM Get Face Time With GOP Commissioners

On the heels of a positive Washington Post article where Chairman Martin seemed to hint at merger approval, we were informed that Sirius Satellite Radio and hopeful merger partner XM Satellite Radio had meetings with the offices of all three of the republican FCC commissioners on July 9, 2008. In contrast to previous filings where… → Read More

Terrestrial Wants In On Merger

Months ago, when Georgetown Partners began their quest for 20% of the SDARS spectrum, I composed a list of questions that I felt should be answered. Among those questions was whether Georgetown was looking to build their own satellite radio company, or merely going to act as an “auctioneer” of channels to terrestrial radio broadcasters…. → Read More

Jim Cramer Says The Next Four Days are Crucial

This is the first time that I remember hearing a beaten tone in the normally energetic/optimistic voice of Jim Cramer. In a recent video on TheStreet (below) Cramer said that “the next 4 days are crucial” and that “If it is not ruled on by June this may go to September.” Not exactly the promising… → Read More

Concessions Outlined By Sirius And XM

Yesterday we indicated in our article Merger Signed Sealed And Awaiting Delivery , that the formal letter outlining the concessions of the merger would be posted to the FCC website this morning. This has now happened, and the market will now be able to digest exactly what the FCC commissioners are voting on. This letter… → Read More

Merger Signed, Sealed And Awaiting Delivery

Today it was made public that Chairman Martin not only would be issuing a draft order regarding the merger of Sirius and XM, but that he indeed supported the merger. This is probably the most positive news that SDARS has seen since the DOJ announced approval back in March. What today’s activities mean, at a… → Read More

NAB Weighs In On FCC News

The National Association of Broadcasters issued statements today regarding the events surrounding recent comments by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin. In their statements, the NAB said nothing relating to the public interest issue that the FCC uses to make their determination. Instead, the NAB focused on interoperability, repeater networks, and FM modulators. NAB Executive Vice President… → Read More

Sirius And XM May Already Have Three Votes

Sirius and XM met with Martin, McDowell, and Tate late last week according to Exparte filings with the FCC published today. It would appear to be a case of shoring up the votes that anyone following the issue have always thought were the most likely to support the marriage between the two satellite radio operators…. → Read More

FCC’s Martin Recommends Approval of Sirius Merger

According to the Associated Press, and multiple sources, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is recommending approval of the proposed merger between Sirius and XM. As reported late last week, rumors of circulation of a draft order from the Chairman were imminent. Here at Sirius Buzz, we pointed out that one possible prerequisite for the draft order… → Read More

Jim Cramer says it looks like XM will go under

Our old friend Jim Cramer from TheStreet is back again and he has some new advice for Sirius and XM this time around. Jim thinks that it is time to play the, if you don’t let us merge there will be only one choice, card. He thinks doing so will force the FCC to finally… → Read More