NAB Concedes Merger Asks For HD

Yesterday, an army of hybrid digital radio proponents including Jane E. Mago, Sr. Vice President and General Counsel Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Marsha MacBride of the National Association of Broadcasters, Jessica Marventano of Clear Channel Communications, Diane Warren of the HD Alliance, Anne Lucey and John Orlando of CBS, Whit Adamson of the Tennessee Association… → Read More

Ex Parte Filer Files Suit Against Sirius, XM, and Threatens FCC.

Multiple ex parte filer and shareholder Michael Hartlieb has filed suit with the Federal Court regarding interoperability despite the fact that the FCC’s enforcement division has already ruled on the matter. [ FCC Filing ]

NAB Makes Statement On Merger News

The National Association of Broadcasters has issued a statement regarding the news reports that the FCC will approve the merger by a 3-2 vote. Once again, the NAB has chosen Executive Vice President David Wharton to be the spokesman, which leads to the question why Rehr is in the back (pun intended). This publication pointed… → Read More

Congressional Reps Weigh In On Sirius / XM Merger

In what could only be called a surprise move at this point of the process, Congressman Charles Gonzales, (D- TX), Congresswoman Hilda Solis(D- CA). , Congressman Bobby Rush (D- IL) & Congressman Ed Towns (D-NY) applaud the efforts made by Sirius and XM and support the offer made by the companies. Didn’t see that coming, did you? In a… → Read More

Sirius / Xm: Is That It?

Finally, we have heard news of Commissioner Tate’s position following a temper tantrum by Commissioner Adelstein. There was a lot of news today as it seemed Adelstein set out to destroy Xm and Sirius stock when he made his vote public and reversed his position. Adelstein had cited a hope for bipartisanship stating: “I was hoping to forge a bipartisan solution… → Read More

Merger Approval Possible Today

The Washington Post is quoting an FCC source that the conclusion may come today. “The agency is expected to approve the merger and a decision could come as early as today on the XM-Sirius merger, according to an official at the FCC. The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because merger review is… → Read More

Tate To Approve With $20 Million Fine

According to the Wall Street Journal, FCC commissioner Tate is set to approve the proposed merger of Sirius and XM with a fine of $20 Million fine that is said to resolve several enforcement issues surrounding satellite radio. Should this news be accurate, the satellite radio companies now have the green light to move forward… → Read More

Adelstein Statement Supports Merger Approval

Adelstein released a statement Wednesday. “I was hoping to forge a bipartisan solution that would offer consumers more diversity in programming, better price protection, expanded choices among innovative devices and real competition with digital radio,” it read. “Instead, it appears they’re going to get a monopoly with window dressing. We really missed a great opportunity… → Read More

Commissioner Tates Silence Is Golden

Be careful what you you wish for, you just might get it. Everyone waits in anticipation of Commissioner Tate’s decision. Speculation runs rampant. Traders want a decision to cash out on the expected rise in the stock price. Arbitrage players wait to cash in on the spread. But what about the investors? People like myself… → Read More

Adelstein Votes No On Sirius XM Merger

FCC Commissioner has withdrawn his original merger proposal offer from the table and cast a no vote on the deal. This leaves the decision on the shoulders of commissioner Tate, who will perhaps cast her deciding vote in very short order. In a statement Adelstein said, “”I was hoping to forge a bipartisan solution that… → Read More