Seven Diversity Channels Announced for Sirius XM

The merger between Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio was approved three years ago. One condition of the merger was a 4% set-aside of spectrum for diverse programming not owned or controlled by Sirius XM. During the process several companies and organizations came forward with the desire to utilize that spectrum. A huge part of the delay was the inability of the FCC to figure out a way to decide upon who would get the spectrum. Ultimately the decision was left to Sirius XM, and we now finally have five groups that will offer programming on seven channels.

Washington, D.C.-Based Howard University
The owner of urban AC WHUR-FM (96.3) and WHUT-TV. Howard University will create two channels. One is described as “Music and talk programming for the African-American community” and the other is music and talk programming from Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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XM Satellite Radio Inc. Merges Into Sirius XM Satellite Radio

In an 8k filed today after the close, it was officially announced that XM Satellite Radio has merged into Sirius XM Satellite Radio effective January 12, 2011. The move, which was not unanticipated, is a natural byproduct of the merger between Sirius and XM years ago as well as the more recent merger of XM… → Read More


Sirius XM Does Some Housekeeping

The last couple of quarters for Sirius XM have bolstered the confidence of many investors, but as always there is still some housekeeping to do, and the company performance needs to be proofed. The company accomplished a little bit of housekeeping last week by consolidating two of their wholly-owned subsidiaries. Effectively, XM Satellite Radio Holdings… → Read More


The All New is up and Running

Well it’s about time. Sirius and XM have finally launched a website on their new domain name, which they recently acquired on September 3, 2008. As of today it’s still nothing special, just a simple landing page that directs visitors to each of the two services main websites. It’s good to see the company… → Read More

AlphaStar Requests Meeting With Sirius XM Radio

In a filing that was published on the FCC website, AlphaStar has requested a meeting with Sirius XM Radio to discuss the possibility of AlphaStar being an entity that would provide content on the merged company platform as outlined in the FCC ruling. AlphaStar stressed that they have the capabilities, infrastructure, and programming contacts to… → Read More

Opinion: Sirius XM Merger Appeal

Having spoken with Michael Hartleib, I will not write anything regarding our conversation as he has already offered his own opinion in the original story, but I would like to offer my own opinion on the case. One of the questions I posed to him was; “Why did (he) wait so long.” I told him… → Read More


The Best Of Both Worlds

A few days ago, I touched on the fact that the much touted 4oo million dollars in synergies was a low ball figure. In an interview on CNBC today, Citi analyst Tony Wible agreed with me that the estimates are in fact conservative. You may not have noticed it, but Tony makes a good point… → Read More


Sirius XM Radio Investors Singing Blues

The merger is finally here. After a long and drawn out regulatory process, the birth of Sirius XM Radio has many investors singing the blues. The question is how long the street will stay on the blues channel, and will the next channel be more upbeat? With the converts arbitrage action panning out during the… → Read More

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Sirius And XM Complete Merger

The merger between Sirius and XM is no longer “proposed”. It is reality. As anticipated, Sirius and XM consummated their deal prior to the market opening today, and the company has a new name… Sirius XM Radio Inc. Among the announcements this morning were: Combined Company Has Over 18.5 Million Subscribers, Annualized Second Quarter Revenue… → Read More


FCC Puts Merger In Writing

The FCC has finally put the merger between Sirius and XM into writing. The documents, made public after 4:00 PM on July 28th outline the regulatory approval of the merger. Four of the five commissioners also offered published opinions on the vote. This official document, the lack of any action by the National Association of… → Read More