SiriusXM Responds to SoundExchange Request for Summary Judgement

In a 30 page document filed with the court, Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) has officially responded to the request for Summary Judgement in a case that alleges consiracy against the royalty collection and distribution agency.  The battle is over alleged interference on the part of Sound Exchange and A2IM in Sirius XM trying to obtain direct deals… → Read More


Summary Judgement in Favor of Sirius XM in Shenk Case

Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) is on a winning streak of sorts when it comes to lawsuits.  In a preliminary ruling published on May 31st, Judge Rakoff found in favor of the defense and granted a summary judgement.  The decision has not yet had its written reasons published, but in essence the Shenk matter is now closed. … → Read More


Liberty Request to Control SiriusXM Denied

Today the U.S. Federal Communications Commission dismissed Liberty Media’s request for the licenses that would have given John Malone control over SiriusXM. It turns out “40 is not the new 50.” Mark one down for Mel Karmazin and the SiriusXM shareholders on this one. Although, at is hard to call billionaire SiriusXM savior John Malone… → Read More

Howard Stern Files Appeal in Lawsuit

It certainly did not take long for attorney’s from the Stern camp to get the paperwork together to file an appeal.  The original lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice and was first reported here at SiriusBuzz.   following the decision by Juge Barbara Kapnick, Howard Stern expressed dismay at the judges ruling and vowed an appeal. Following… → Read More


A Deeper Look at the Howard Stern Lawsuit

As was reported here on SiriusBuzz, Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) has scored a victory in the lawsuit filed by Howard Stern in the form of a summary judgment with prejudice issued by Judge Barbara Kapnick.  A dismissal with prejudice does not preclude Stern from appealing the decision, and Stern has vowed to do just that.  Anything… → Read More


Howard Stern “Bummed” By Judges Decision – Vows Appeal

Yesterday we broke the news that Sirius XM had emerged victorious in the lawsuit filed by Howard Stern and his agent Don Buchwald.  The Judge in the matter, Barbara Kapnick, ruled in favor of Sirius XM’s request for summary judgment and dismissed the case with prejudice.  Contrary to rumors circling the Internet, Stern can, and… → Read More


Court Dismisses Stern Suit With Prejudice

The news will certainly send shock waves through the media as Howard stern has just lost his epic battle with Sirius XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI).  The suit, filed over a year ago, had some tantalizing tid-bits of the history of the Howard Stern deal with Sirius, the merger with XM, and of course the massive… → Read More

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Sirius XM and SoundExchange Agree To Extension On Case

The Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) anti-trust lawsuit against SoundExchange for blocking Sirius XM from cutting direct deals with record labels has hit its first hurdle, and the case is only a couple of weeks old.  The deadline for a response to the lawsuit from SoundExchange as well as the American Association of Independent Music has been… → Read More


Sirius XM Hit With a New Class Action Lawsuit

It had been a while since Sirius XM has had any big news on the legal front but a new class action lawsuit has been filed in the state of California.  At first blush this suit seems to be not a very big deal, but some of the numbers (unverified) presented could indicate that the… → Read More


John Malone Removed From Unjust Enrichment Claim In Shenk Lawsuit

It is a good day for Liberty Media’s John Malone.  Until now he had remained the only person named as one that was unjustly enriched in the Shenk shareholder lawsuit against Sirius XM.   Other board members that had the accusation leveled against them had it removed in pretty short order, but Malone was never… → Read More