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August Car Sales Up Big

Auto sales in August will certainly help SiriusXM.  August has been the best month for auto sales not only this year, but in several years.  All told there were almost 1.5 million cars sold last month, a number well above that which allows SiriusXM to have good quarterly numbers.  The even better news is that… → Read More


Sound Exchange Sues SiriusXM

It certainly did not take long for Sound Exchange to jump onto the lawsuit bandwagon on the heels of the Turtles lawsuit.  The latest suit centers around royalties for pre-February 1972 music played by the satellite radio provider.   Sound Exchange has no real authority to collect royalties from pre-1972, but their complaint actually centers… → Read More


Pandora Drops 40 Hour Limit for Mobile Users and a Few Percent off Their Share Price

Just six short months after Pandora announced their new 40 hour per month cap on free mobile listening, the company has done an about-face and dropped the limit. The change, which previously affected 4% of Pandora’s users, is said to be made possible thanks to the rapid progress of mobile advertising revenue. According to eMarketer,… → Read More

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August 2013 Auto Sales Pacing Well For SiriusXM

In 2013 the auto sector has seen a bullish run for most of the year.  The first real glimmer of worry came in the second half of July, which was weaker than the first half.  The overall outlook for 2013 was not really impacted by that bump in the road, but it did make the… → Read More


SiriusXM Launches Service Lane — 2 Months of Free Radio for Responsible Car Owners

SiriusXM Radio today announced the launch of Service Lane, its new program that provides a complimentary 2-month SiriusXM subscription to qualifying customers who have their satellite radio-equipped vehicles serviced at participating auto dealerships.  The concept is simple.  If a satellite radio equipped car is not activated, SiriusXM will activate a 2 month trial subscription.  The… → Read More

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SiriusXM Tests $3.60 – What Now?

SiriusBuzz is more than just articles about what is happening with SiriusXM.  The site also offers a premium tier called SiriusBuzz Premium.  Members of SiriusBuzz Premium get regular technical updates on this equity that are simply unrivaled.  We all know that analysts have one year price targets on this equity that are $4.50 or more,… → Read More


SiriusXM To Buy Agero for $530 Million

It is an amazing time for SiriusXM (NASDAQ:SIRI).  Just a couple of years ago, the concept of SiriusXM buying other companies was not even a thought.  Fast forward a bit and we have seen a special dividend, share buybacks, savvy refinancing, and now an acquisition!  SiriusXM announced today that it has entered a definitive agreement… → Read More


Will SiriusXM Test $3.60 Before Moving Up?

Will SiriusXM test $3.60 before making a bolder move up?  It is a question active and technical traders are contemplating after the equity broke below a strong support level at $3.79.  SiriusBuzz Premium members get regular technical insight that helps them be more confident in their trades, or simply to better understand the dynamics that… → Read More


SiriusXM Just Got More Expensive In Tesla… BUT

SiriusXM is installed as standard equipment in dozens of car models and is a component in about 65% of all new vehicles that roll off of the assembly line.  However, in some of the smaller auto-makers satellite radio can be an expensive option rather than a value added lure. Tesla Motors announced its newly revamped… → Read More


Turtles File $100 Million Lawsuit Against SiriusXM

The Turtles are hoping that a lawsuit against SiriusXM could pave the way to new royalty protections.  The band is a lead plaintiff in a $100 million lawsuit against satellite radio provider SiriusXM.  It has been alleged that the company has infringed on millions of old recordings from hundreds if not thousands of artists who’s… → Read More