SiriusXM To Present At Conference

SiriusXM’s Jim Meyer, its Chief Executive Officer, is expected to speak at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2014 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference on Tuesday, September 16, at approximately 7:00 pm ET.  The timing of this bodes well for the company, as it will be a very public place to speak to increased subscriber… → Read More

SiriusXM raises Subscriber Guidance

Last week, when auto sales were announced, I speculated that we might see the company raise subscriber guidance during the Q3 conference call.  As it turns out, SiriusXM did not want to wait.  The company has announced that it anticipates adding 1.45 million subscribers this year.  The new guidance is up from the previous level… → Read More

SiriusXM and TechCrunch Launch Limited Run Show

TechCrunch and SiriusXM have announced  the launch of  “TechCrunch Radio,” a limited-run series premiering at Disrupt San Francisco 2014, one of the most anticipated tech conferences of the year. TechCrunch’s East Coast Editor, John Biggs, and writer and reporter, Jordan Crook, will host the premier episode of “TechCrunch Radio” live from Start-Up Alley at 2014 Disrupt.  Biggs… → Read More

SiriusXM Hangs Tough – Remains Bullish

SiriusXM closed out the week and managed to hold the $3.60’s.  The action on Friday was on lower than average volume and lower than the previous session.  The technicals on SiriusXM remain bullish despite the appearance of a caution flag.  This equity seems poised to do a move, but as yet there is not a… → Read More

August 2014 Car Sales Chart

August Auto Sales Hit New High

Auto sales in August 2014 came in at 1, 581,341 units, which is the highest sales level we have seen this year.  The SAAR for August was a very impressive 17.5 million, again, the highest level we have seen in many years.  August 2014 sales were 5.5% better than the same month a year ago…. → Read More

Can SiriusXM Make A Run?

Things are looking good for SiriusXM, but the only real issue I see that the volume is not quite what I would hope to see.  Simply stated, the move we have seen does not really have the strength or volume to be much bolder.  That being said, getting to the $3.60’s and hanging tough up… → Read More

SiriiusXM Gets Initial Ruling On Royalty Suit

SiriusXM received a bit of positive news recently when a Judge hearing the lawsuit vs. SoundExchange ruled that the royalty matter relating to pre-1972 music should be determined by the CRB royalty board instead of in Federal Court.   U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon , in his ruling this past Tuesday stated that the issue… → Read More

SiriusXM Eases Up On $3.60 Challenge

SiriusXM has eased up on the challenge of the $3.60 and has in fact spawned a caution flag in the EMA chart.  I am not really worried though because the critical item is simply staying above $3.50.  We are currently sandwiched between strong support at $3.48 and strong resistance at $3.61.  Today was a down… → Read More

Bullet Point – SiriusXM Tests $3.60

It has been a long ti me coming, but this equity has finally touched $3.60 in intra-day trading.   This is welcomed news in that this level needs to be tested before it can be broken.  SiriusXM is trading on volume that is about normal, adding to the fact that this touch of $3.60 is… → Read More