SiriusXM To Report Q3 Results

File under….Thank God…. SiriusXM will announce its Q3 results on October 28, 2014 at 8:00 AM.  This news is welcomed because SiriusXM has been drifting downward for a couple of weeks now and perhaps the good quarter that the company will soon announce can be enough to apply the brakes on this slide.  SiriusXM already… → Read More

Liberty Media Would Love To Own SiriusXM But Wont Chase It

This week the subject of Liberty Media buying out SiriusXM raised itself again when Greg Maffei stated, “Sirius holders wish they took the deal”, referring to a proposed deal at the beginning of 2014 that had Liberty effectively paying about $3.86 per share to get the half of the company it does not own.  Since… → Read More

SiriusXM Breaks Down On Volume

Things that appeared to be okay early in the week broke down across the markets on Thursday.  Wednesday it appeared as though SiriusXM had fought off a big dip by moving up into the $3.40’s on decent volume.  Thursday the market saw a major sell-off, and SiriusXM dipped into the $3.20’s on even higher volume…. → Read More

September Auto Sales Deliver 1.24 Million Vehicles

Auto sales in September came in at 1.24 million units.  This was up 9% from last year, but well below what we saw in August, which delivered 1.58 million in sales and a SAAR of 17.5 million.  The SAAR for September was 16.4 million.  Charts of the auto sales figures are available to SiriusBuzz Premium… → Read More

September Auto Sales At 1.24 Million

Auto sales for September are in and the total vehicles sold was 1,214,758.  This represents a number that i9s 9% better than last year.  Last month auto sales were a very impressive 1.58 million with a record SAAR of 17.53 million.  This month the SAAR came in at 16.43 million.  The headlines will speak to… → Read More

Can SiriusXM Reverse and go Bullish?

When the exponential moving averages contract to a point that they were all on top of each other it usually means that a decent move is in the cards in one direction or another.  Typically that move is simply looking for a catalyst and is based upon news in one form or another.  With SiriusXM… → Read More

SiriusXM To Appeal Turtles Lawsuit As Turtles Set Sights On Pandora

Fresh off of a legal victory in a lawsuit against SiriusXM, the Turtles are setting their sights on Pandora with the exact same claim.  Meanwhile SiriusXM has vowed to appeal the lawsuit.  SiriusXM’s CFO David Frear stated at an investor conference that the company would appeal, but the argument is not that artists should not… → Read More

SiriusXM Breaks below $3.50

SiriusXM has broken below the sentimental price point of $3.50.  The equity closed at $3.48 on decent volume.  The good news is that there is a strong support level at $3.47.  The bad news is that it is only a penny away.  Should $3.47 break, there is little support down to $3.30 or so.  What… → Read More

Court Decision Stings SiriusXM

A Federal judge has ruled in favor of the Turtles in a lawsuit about royalties that may mean that the Turtles and Sirius XM are not “Happy Together”.  In addition, the ruling may pave the way for royalty payments to many other artists who’s songs predate 1972.  The copyright laws in the United States deal… → Read More

SiriusXM Keeps Technicals In Tact

The SiriusXM technicals remain in tact, but the big question that investors have is when this equity will make some noise.  From a technical standpoint I would characterize this equity as being tightly wound up, and ready to make a bold move in one direction or the other.  We are at a critical point here…. → Read More