Pioneer Reiterates Position Against HD Chip Requirement

Pioneer has been very vocal in their position with one particular “concession” that has been a frequent subject of the proposed merger between Sirius and XM. The audio equipment manufacturer believes that there should be no requirement to install HD radio chipsets in all SDARS receivers. Pioneer met with the democrat commissioners (Copps and Adelstein)… → Read More

Cowen See’s Copps Move as No Surprise

Analyst Tom Watts was quick to the keyboard after it was announced that commissioner Copps had voted no on the proposed merger of Sirius and XM. The analyst noted that the Copps vote was “no surprise”, and that he was still looking to FCC commissioner Tate for the final approving vote on the merger deal…. → Read More

Adelstein Says There Is Wiggle Room

FCC Commissioner Adelstein has made statements that there is wiggle room in his position on the merger. According to Broadcasting and Cable, the democrat commissioner has indicated that he is willing to negotiate the terms that he outlined last week. Adelstein said Monday at an annual Minority Media & Telecommunications Council conference in Washington, D.C.,… → Read More

Free Satellite Radios

Free Satellite Radio’s, that is the latest mantra from C3SR, an NAB backed “consumer group” that claims to advocate on behalf of satellite radio subscribers. C3SR, for what appears to be the first time has taken a stance that is actually dealing with the merger should it pass. In past filings, C3SR has been staunchly… → Read More

FCC Turns Down C3SR & NAB Requests. Case Closed!

In a letter today filed with the FCC, NAB president David Rehr states: “It is has been reported to me that the Federal Communication Commission’s (“FCC” or “Commission”) General Counsel’s office believes that the concerns raised by the Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio (“C3SR”) regarding enforcement of the interoperability requirement or the issue… → Read More

NAB Continues its Assault on the Sirius/XM Merger Process

David Rehr of the NAB has filed yet another letter of opposition with the FCC. Today’s letter, which was written and delivered today seems to focus on the channel set aside offered by Sirius and Xm. The letter seems to have a tone of defeat to it, now looking more towards tougher concessions than an outright denial… → Read More

C3SR Continuing With Interoperability Issue

Via hand delivery, C3SR, also known as the NAB coalition, picked up today where the NAB left off this past Friday. You may recall that the NAB hand delivered Mr. Hartleib’s comments to the commission. Piling on today, the NAB coalition filed yet another ex parte with Amy Blankenship, Legal Advisor to Commissioner Tate, and Wayne… → Read More

Tate Vote Possible By Weeks End

Washington Analysis analyst George Reed Dellinger, one of the more accurate regulatory analysts that has been following the proposed merger between Sirius and XM, issued a report today indicating that the decisive vote of Commissioner Tate could be delivered as early as the end of the week. According to Dellinger, FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell has… → Read More

Satellite Plays Deal Or No Deal

Have you ever seen the television game show Deal or No Deal? The show is hosted by Howie Mandel, and the concept is simple. There are 25 brief cases containing amounts of cash ranging from a single penny to $1,000,000. The contestant picks a case with an unknown amount of cash that is then placed… → Read More

Stifel’s Levin Sees Merger End Game As Close

A day after comments by Martin in the Washington Post were viewed as positive by the street, the FCC chairman issued more neutral talk today that centered on the possibility of additional or more stringent concessions being considered in the merger process. During all of this, Stifel analyst Blair Levin issued a note saying that… → Read More