Sirius XM to File for Summary Judgement on Howard Stern Matter Today

Sirius XM’s Mel Karmazin announced that they would be filing a Motion For Summary Judgement in the Howard Stern lawsuit later today. While such filings are common, judges rarely dismiss a case at this stage.  Karmazin stated that the company feels strongly about their position and the motion for Summary Judgement is part of the… → Read More

A Deeper Look at the Preliminary Approval on the Blessing Lawsuit

As we reported earlier today, there has been new information released in the Blessing vs. Sirius XM class action suit. The new filing gives preliminary approval to the proposed settlement, details information about how the class will be informed, and establishes a date for a hearing on the matter. The new filing, linked to in… → Read More

Preliminary Approval on Blessing Lawsuit Filed

The class action suit that reached a proposed settlement last week has seen new action. The latest is a preliminary approval. A hearing has been set for August 8, 2011. The purpose of the Settlement Hearing will be to determine whether the proposed Settlement on the terms and conditions provided for in the Agreement is… → Read More

A Deeper Look at the Shenk Lawuit Seeking to Fire Karmazin

In yet another suit filed against Sirius XM, allegations surrounding the merger and the company’s pricing plans seems to be the center of attention. The latest is a lawsuit brought by Michael Shenk against the Board of Directors and Sirius XM Satellite Radio as a nominal defendant. The first thing to understand here is that… → Read More

New Sirius XM Lawsuit Seeks Termination of Mel Karmazin

Fire Mel Karmazin? Is someone out there crazy? He is a legend in the media business, and has turned around Sirius XM after what had been a difficult merger process that nearly bankrupted the company. Who would ever ask that Karmazin be fired? Well, that is what Robert Michael Shenk is doing in a new… → Read More

Sirius XM Reaches Proposed Settlement in Class Action Suit – A Deeper Look

In a move that was widely anticipated, Sirius XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI) has settled a class action lawsuit brought against it. Class action suits that reach a trial date without dismissal are often settled. The settlement, like many sees the attorneys getting the most benefit, but there are some aspects of the settlement that can… → Read More

Sirius XM Files Answer to Stern Lawsuit – Seeks Dismissal With Prejudice

There is new news in the Howard Stern lawsuit against Sirius XM, and it is quite interesting. The company admits that many facts alleged by Stern, Buchwald, and One Twelve media are indeed accurate, and contends that the lawsuit centers on one pivotal issue. That issue is whether XM subscribers should be counted in the… → Read More

Howard Stern’s Lawsuit Against Sirius XM Marches on – New Filing Available

Two weeks ago the world learned that Howard Stern’s production company, One Twelve Media, and his agent Don Buchwald were suing Sirius XM. Today the New York Supreme Court added a new piece of information to the case history. Sirius XM was officially served an AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE OF THE SUMMONS, COMPLAINT AND NOTICE OF… → Read More

XM Settles Lawsuit

Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) has been in the news a lot lately with regard to lawsuits. There is a pending lawsuit brought by Howard Stern, his agent, and his production company as well as a suit that has received authorization to proceed as a Class Action. While those suits have put a bit of a damper… → Read More

Antitrust Suit Against Sirius XM Gets Class Action Status

Sirius XM was hit with more lawsuit news today when a federal judge approved Class Action status for an antitrust trust against the company. Judge Harold Baer dismissed consumer protection claims brought by 20 states at the same time. This is the second legal matter in a recent news surrounding Sirius XM. Howard Stern filed… → Read More