XM Settles Lawsuit

Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) has been in the news a lot lately with regard to lawsuits. There is a pending lawsuit brought by Howard Stern, his agent, and his production company as well as a suit that has received authorization to proceed as a Class Action. While those suits have put a bit of a damper… → Read More


Antitrust Suit Against Sirius XM Gets Class Action Status

Sirius XM was hit with more lawsuit news today when a federal judge approved Class Action status for an antitrust trust against the company. Judge Harold Baer dismissed consumer protection claims brought by 20 states at the same time. This is the second legal matter in a recent news surrounding Sirius XM. Howard Stern filed… → Read More


A Deeper Look at the Howard Stern Lawsuit Against Sirius XM

By now most everyone that follows the media is well aware that Howard Stern’s production company, One Twelve Productions, and his agent, Don Buchwald have filed a lawsuit against Sirius XM Radio. The suit alleges that Sirius and/or Sirius XM Radio have failed to pay certain performance bonuses due to them based on the company’s… → Read More


Eminem Score Big On Royalty Lawsuit

Digital rights for music and content is not a new phenomenon, but it is only just now that the issue seems to be raising the stakes in the world of digital content. With the advent of smart phones and apps, the ease with which digital content can be accessed has made it a cash cow… → Read More


FCC Orders Another Extension On Sirius XM Station Lease-Back Requirement

It is the issue that wont go away, and even after almost three years has not come to a resolution. Back when the merger was approved there were several stipulations attached. One stipulation related to Sirius XM giving up space for channels to be leased to “qualified entities” that would provide minority and educational programming…. → Read More


Sirius XM’s FCC Channel Leaseback Requirement Heats Up Again

When the FCC approved the merger between Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio their were several conditions attached. One of the conditions was that Sirius XM agreed to lease back channels to qualified entities to serve minority, educational, and under served markets. Over two years have passed, and to date no real action has… → Read More


Terrestrial Radio Executive Urges Industry To Make A Deal On Royalties

Sirius XM Investors and subscribers are very familiar with royalties. The company has been paying royalties to the music industry for quite some time, and a little over a year ago began passing those costs onto consumers. Terrestrial radio on the other hand has been royalty free for decades. In essence, terrestrial radio got to… → Read More


Court Say FCC Indecency Standards Violate First Amendment

That clapping you just heard was likely Howard Stern, one of the most heavily fined radio personalities in the history of broadcasting. These day’s Howard has little to worry about when it comes to FCC decency standards because he broadcasts his show uncensored on Sirius XM’s subscription based satellite radio. That was not always the… → Read More


NAB Wants Media Ownership Reform – SIRI May Benefit Using The NAB’s Own Words This Fall

The National Association of Broadcasters filed comments yesterday with the FCC regarding media ownership reform. In their filing the NAB characterizes the proposed reforms as modest changes. What is at stake is the rule that currently bans or limits cross ownership between the newspaper-broadcast and radio-television cross-ownership rules. The NAB wants these rules eliminated. In… → Read More


FCC Delay’s Decision On Sirius XM Spectrum Leaseback

The FCC has extended once again the merger requirement that would have Sirius XM Radio make available for lease 4% of their spectrum for qualified entities to deliver minority and educational programming. The merger condition was agreed to by Sirius XM, but the issue has been exactly how to move forward. various organizations and companies… → Read More