Why Howard Stern Will Remain With Sirius XM

Whether or not Stern renews his contract is the topic du jour these days. Each day we are subjected to Sterns own opinion, the opinion of the media, and the opinion of all of Stern’s fans. Opinions are a great thing, and contrasting opinions makes for good debate and perhaps some good radio as well…. → Read More

Stern Has Serious Hurdles If He Leaves Sirius XM

The subject of Howard Stern is getting a lot of attention lately. His contract is set to expire at the end of the year, and already we are beginning to see the Howard Stern version of on-air negotiations. This week Stern stated that retirement was not an option, but that he would wind up somewhere…. → Read More

Stern’s Uncertainty Could Bring The Best Shows Of His Career

Howard Sterns contract expires at the end of this year, and as each day passes, the subject gains more and more attention both on the show and in the media. Stern has several options and has now started talking about his potential future on the show. Stern is a calculating individual, and more likely than… → Read More

The Second Coming Of Howard Stern

It was a bit over six years ago when The King Of All Media signed a blockbuster deal with Sirius Satellite Radio. At that time, the economy was on good footing and Sirius and XM were competing for content deals as if their companies depended on it. Stern negotiated a $500 million deal that brought… → Read More

George Takei Joins Howard Stern All Week

George Takei, the part time announcer for Howard Stern and pitch man for Sharp televisions will rejoin the Howard Stern show all this week. Whenever George joins the line-up the shows are always quite interesting as stories unfold, and George offers his opinion on the show happening since his last visit. Takei, perhaps most famous… → Read More

Howard Stern Launches Wasted Week

Fat Drunk and Stupid is the only way to go through the week. At least that is how The Howard Stern Show is promoting a special week of content while the crew enjoys some vacation. Yes, Stern, Gary, Robin, Fred and the others on vacation this week, but like always, they have left some great… → Read More

Stern To Radio National Radio Hall Of Fame – “Keep Your Nomination”

The National Radio hall of Fame has announced their nominations for 2010. Included on the list, as he is every year, is Sirius XM’s Howard Stern. Stern has been nominated many years, but as yet has never been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Amazingly, the one radio individual who has changed and even defined… → Read More

Howard Stern More Relevant Than Ever

Sirius XM Radio has made huge strides over the past year. They have moved to generating subscribers again, refinanced debt to better rates, started cleaning up the balance sheet, regained NASDAQ Listing requirements, avoided a forced reverse split, and are on the verge of getting added to the Russel Indexes. Throughout these trying times, Sirius… → Read More

Ashton Kutcher Visits With Howard Stern

Howard Stern spent the weekend in California supporting wife Beth O as she continues the promotion of her book. Of course, while there, Stern was rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite. For Stern fans this means top notch guests are likely to appear on the show over the coming weeks. It didn’t take long to… → Read More

Oh My Dog – Beth O Stern Pens A Book – She Gets Mixed Reviews

Beth O Stern is well known to Howard Stern Fans. After all, she is Howard’s wife. She is also well known in television circles and as the official spokesperson for North Shore Animal League America. Her new book titled Oh My Dog was released only two days ago, and surprisingly has not been a huge… → Read More