Adam Carolla’s Podcast to Fill the Void on Howard 101

In a move that can only be described as puzzling, Adam Carolla’s podcast radio show will be filling the afternoon void, left behind by former Sirius XM employee Bubba The Love Sponge on Howard 101. Today Adam Carolla could be heard on in his self titled podcast The Adam Carolla Show talking about the new… → Read More


Howard Stern Still Fighting for Bubba The Love Sponge

It has been a couple of weeks since it was announced that Bubba The Love Sponge had turned down the deal offered to him by Sirius XM and yet, as recent as yesterday, Howard made a point of saying that he was still in talks trying to make a deal happen. The question is, why?… → Read More


Howard Stern Inks 5 Year Deal With Sirius XM

The news everyone has been waiting has finally been announced. Howard Stern has signed a new 5 year deal with Sirius XM that will keep him on the satellite radio providers service through 2015. The news brought the stock price of SIRI up by nearly 10% early trading. Stern’s announcement came with only a week… → Read More


Howard Stern Frigid On Pay Cut Comments – Dont Look For Deal Before Christmas

Big stars always have tough negotiations when it comes to signing a new deal. Howard Stern finds himself in that position now. He has been a staple in radio for decades and is at the end of his five year deal with satellite radio. Whether or not you like Stern is not material. The fact… → Read More

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David Arquette Announces Separation From Courtney Cox On Howard Stern Show

This is the type of radio that has made Howard Stern a legend in the media industry. It is Stern’s ability to ask the questions no one else will, to interject humor when appropriate, and to give the guest a comfort level so that they will open up. Howard Stern is simply a master at… → Read More


Howard Stern Situation Could Benefit Opie & Anthony

Some would say that the Howard Stern Show and Opie & Anthony Show are like oil and water. The two entertaining shows each have their own flavor that makes them unique and special, but if you polled each shows passionate fans, they would offer nothing but contempt for the other show. It is just the… → Read More


Why Howard Stern Will Remain With Sirius XM

Whether or not Stern renews his contract is the topic du jour these days. Each day we are subjected to Sterns own opinion, the opinion of the media, and the opinion of all of Stern’s fans. Opinions are a great thing, and contrasting opinions makes for good debate and perhaps some good radio as well…. → Read More


Stern Has Serious Hurdles If He Leaves Sirius XM

The subject of Howard Stern is getting a lot of attention lately. His contract is set to expire at the end of the year, and already we are beginning to see the Howard Stern version of on-air negotiations. This week Stern stated that retirement was not an option, but that he would wind up somewhere…. → Read More


Stern’s Uncertainty Could Bring The Best Shows Of His Career

Howard Sterns contract expires at the end of this year, and as each day passes, the subject gains more and more attention both on the show and in the media. Stern has several options and has now started talking about his potential future on the show. Stern is a calculating individual, and more likely than… → Read More


The Second Coming Of Howard Stern

It was a bit over six years ago when The King Of All Media signed a blockbuster deal with Sirius Satellite Radio. At that time, the economy was on good footing and Sirius and XM were competing for content deals as if their companies depended on it. Stern negotiated a $500 million deal that brought… → Read More