Howard Stern Rides in a Car and has Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld

In his third season of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld finally takes a ride with Howard Stern where the two talk about their Daddy issues, bathroom habits, the cost of groceries, and what makes them tic.


If you haven’t heard about Seinfeld’s new series, it’s exactly what it sounds like — a couple of comedians getting together to take a ride and grab a cup of coffee – this is what reality TV should be. The dynamic is great, the conversation is real, and much like his nine season run of Seinfeld, Jerry leaves you wanting more.

The best part? Aside from a single commercial, the show is totally free.  I’m not going to go on explaining this 14 minute webisode, if you’re smart you haven’t read a word I’ve said and you’re already a couple of minutes into some great television.


Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash Special is FREE For Everyone Worldwide

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Ferrall To Leave SiriusXM For Terrestrial Radio

Longtime Howard Stern channel sports host Scott Ferrall will be leaving satellite radio and headed to a Terrestrial radio deal with CBS Radio.  The new show, Ferrall On The Bench will be available on over 50 affiliate stations and will air from 10 PM to 2 AM beginning January 2, 2013.  Ferrall has been with… → Read More

Howard Stern Files Appeal in Lawsuit

It certainly did not take long for attorney’s from the Stern camp to get the paperwork together to file an appeal.  The original lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice and was first reported here at SiriusBuzz.   following the decision by Juge Barbara Kapnick, Howard Stern expressed dismay at the judges ruling and vowed an appeal. Following… → Read More


A Deeper Look at the Howard Stern Lawsuit

As was reported here on SiriusBuzz, Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) has scored a victory in the lawsuit filed by Howard Stern in the form of a summary judgment with prejudice issued by Judge Barbara Kapnick.  A dismissal with prejudice does not preclude Stern from appealing the decision, and Stern has vowed to do just that.  Anything… → Read More

Howard Stern Joins America’s Got Talent – Rumored $15 Million Deal

Sirius XM morning personality Howard Stern will be the new judge on TV show “America’s Got Talent”.  The announcement this morning came from NBC, which Stern has had many issues with in the past, including a firing over 25 years ago from radio station WNBC.  Howard, which many view as controversial, will replace Piers Morgan… → Read More


Robin Quivers Gets Her Own Show – “The Chatter” On Howard 101

Some think it should have happened long ago while others feel that Robin Quivers getting her own show is an outrage.  That is the beauty of the Howard Stern channels.  They are full of opinionated debate and loyal listeners which, whether they support the new show or not, will certainly tune in.  Some will listen… → Read More


Sirius XM Say’s Howard Stern Put His Foot In His Mouth

Howard Stern has put his foot in his mouth, and in Sirius XM’s response to The King of all Media’s latest filings was quick to point that out. The company has finally responded to Howard’s allegations that hit news wires a couple of weeks ago. In a Memorandum of Law in Support of Defendants Motion… → Read More

Artie Lange Returns To Radio

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