Harris Interactive Poll Shows Interesting Results For Radio On Cell Phones

The National Association of Broadcasters is applauding a recent Harris interactive poll that appears to indicate consumers want FM radio in cellular phones. The NAB hired Harris to conduct the survey which used 2,587 participants. While I have little doubt that FM as a feature would be a novel idea, the current state of the… → Read More


Sirius Canada Launches Facebook Page

Sirius Canada is jumping into the social networking arena with the launch of their new Facebook page. I found it odd that they did not yet have one because they were already on Twitter, and unlike Sirius XM stateside, Sirius Canada has a chat forum on their site. The goal of Sirius Canada is to… → Read More


Google And Verizon Propose Net Neutrality Proposal – Look At The Bigger Picture

Google and Verizon, two powerhouses, have outlined a seven point net neutrality proposal that has the Internet buzzing with comments, and if acted upon could well change the way consumers get and access information. One notable aspect of the policy outlined is the differentiation between the Internet and the mobile Internet. It appears that a… → Read More

app awards

Music Apps Taking Center Stage – Will Sirius XM Participate?

How important are apps on smart phones to the music industry? Apparently important enough that Billboard Music has introduced The Music App Awards, the highlight of the Music App Summit in San Francisco on October 5, 2010. Sirius XM has some apps of their own, and at a minimum their Android app would qualify for… → Read More


Unemployment Extension Legislation Passes Senate

As the day wore on, it became apparent that a much watched unemployment bill in Washington had enough votes to pass the senate. The markets, anticipating this news, have been up all afternoon and Sirius XM participated. Earlier today it was announced that unemployment rolls are down, but the deeper news is that many have… → Read More


SiriusBuzz Introduces Live Chat

Over the years I have had several requests for live chat on SiriusBuzz. Until now, I have avoided such a feature, as it takes time and effort to make such a service come to life, and even if launched, I did not want to have to moderate the chats and have people worry about the… → Read More


Sirius XM’s World Cup Coverage May Improve With Rule Change

No matter what nation you are routing for, the FIFA World Cup is an event that brings about national pride, a sense of belonging, and noisy horns. That’s right, noisy horns. These horns have been used at soccer matches for years, but are beginning to become a source of complaint from fans, players, television and… → Read More

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feeding america

Feeding America Partners With Sirius XM To Reach America

If you are a charitable organization with the goal of feeding America what is the best way to do it? Television makes sense, but the costs can be quite extensive. Traditional radio is another option, but that would require a lot of coordination with scores of radio stations, and even then they would only reach… → Read More


Does Sirius XM Internet Radio Appeal To The Younger Audience?

Sirius XM satellite radio is the core business of Sirius XM. Out of this world content delivered to consumers via satellite seemed revolutionary when the concept was dreamed up, but here in 2010 there are many ways that consumers get audio content. Some, like AM and FM radio have been around for decades, while others… → Read More


CBS and Fox Join National Association of Broadcasters

People who love satellite radio love to hate the National Association of Broadcasters. Most of the harsh feelings came to fruition during the merger process, and I was among those that was highly critical of the NAB during that period. That being said, the NAB does lobby for some interesting and perhaps noble things, but… → Read More