New York Auto Show set to Start – SiriusBuzz will be There

The New York International Auto Show has always been a hot spot for car makers to introduce their concepts, show off their greatest features, and interact with the public. This year the show will open to the public on April 22nd, but SiriusBuzz has press access beginning tomorrow, April 19th. This means you can get… → Read More

Country Music Being Dropped by Key Markets – Is Terrestrial Radio Short Sighted?

Country music is one of the most popular genres in the business. Millions of fans flock to the style and attend concerts every year. It would seem natural that major radio markets across the country would at least have one station dedicated to the format. Even if Country is not as popular in some regions,… → Read More


Sirius and XM Websites Merge — New Web Player + Brand Unification = WIN

In a move that has been a long time coming, the Sirius and XM websites have finally merged. The new web presence can bee seen at siriusxm.com but, it should be noted that consumers can still get there via the older sirius.com and xmradio.com urls. The new design is geared toward subscriber retention and revenue… → Read More


Unique Opportunity for Sirius XM to Gain Exposure – Broadcast The Hangout Music Festival

At this point Sirius XM is well known to consumers, the music industry, as well as bands. The trick in maintaining that type of awareness is keeping on top of people minds in any way possible. Sometimes a unique opportunity presents itself where a company such as Sirius XM can offer extreme benefits to the… → Read More

The Top 3 Ways Sirius XM Could Create a Flood of New Subscribers — TODAY

There is obviously a long list of things Sirius XM can and will do to grow their subscriber base over the course of the next year. Lets simply concentrate for a minute on what I consider the low-hanging fruit this company could put into action today — with very little effort. Utilize Social Deal of… → Read More


2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 – Did Someone Say FAST?

The 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 is truly a site to behold. The car screams muscle and the classic styling is something that MOPAR enthusiasts can really appreciate and sink their teeth into. This car is a winning combination of performance and straight up power. Just rev the engine and you can feel the horses… → Read More


Introducing Michael Allman

Satellite radio is a wonderful place to discover new music, explore a new genre, or even catch a listen to some of your classic favorites. As wonderful as satellite radio is, there is always room to explore the Indie scene and discover new up-and-coming artists for yourself. I make it a point to seek out… → Read More


Sirius XM Fights Hunger With Sounds Of Change Campaign

Last week most of America enjoyed a hearty Thanksgiving meal with all of the fixings. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and pumpkin pie was a mere sampling of what was on most dining room tables across the country. It was a day to get together with family and friends, share, and reflect on the things in life… → Read More


Could BBC Radio’s Chris Moyles Cross The Pond To Sirius XM?

He is well known in the United Kingdom, and in many ways is the European Version of Howard Stern. According to RadioInfo it has been rumored that Moyles may come to the United States in a multi-milion dollar deal with Sirius XM. The rumor is especially interesting in that Howard Stern himself is in the… → Read More


Does Sirius XM’s New Logo Have Pop?

Last week Orbitcast reported on the new logo being sported by Sirius XM. At the time of his article Ryan Saghir seemed to question whether or not the Sirius XM logo had pop. Certainly the stock has had pop lately, but the opinion of many is that Sirius XM’s new logo is to bland, too… → Read More