Radio Wars Film up for Award

The story of SiriusXM (NASDAQ:SIRI) has been an interesting decade long journey.  Satellite radio stock has seen massive highs and massive lows and the drama that has played out both as a service and as an investment has been the stuff of near legendary status.  Satellite radio has created millionaires and seen some lose everything…. → Read More

Van Halen Announces 2012 Tour – A Channel On Sirius XM Would Be Intense

Well for music fans there was a bit of a holiday surprise this week. Iconic 80’s rock band Van Halen has dropped some serious hints that they will embark on a world tour in 2012. The band just signed a new record deal with Intersope, and intends to announce some tour dates with tickets going… → Read More

lynn samuels

Sirius XM Personality Lynn Samuels Passes Away Christmas Eve

Whether you agreed with her politics or not, one thing was true about Lynn Samuels.  She was passionate about her position and created compelling radio.  Lynn had been with Sirius XM for about 8 years, and was once a staple with a regular weekday slot on Sirius XM’s Liberal channel.  Most recently she had a… → Read More

nirvana baby

Is Sirius XM Pushing The Envelope With Email Featuring Naked Baby?

Nirvana has made the news of late due to the 20th anniversary of their “Nevermind” album.  It is not so much the band or music that is garnering the attention, but rather the iconic album cover featuring a naked baby boy reaching for a $20 bill in the pool.   Facebook has removed the photo from… → Read More


R.E.M. Breaks Up – Sirius XM Tribute Channel Would Only Be Natural

While the break-up of R.E.M. is sad news to fans, it has potential of becoming huge for the record industry and radio companies like Sirius XM, Clear Channel, and Pandora. The band has called it quits after a long and illustrious 31 year career, but their music will live on forever, and if there was… → Read More


Pioneer Launches AppRadio – Aftermarket Solution To Smartphone Integration

It was only a matter of time before aftermarket car stereo companies began offering stereos capable of integration with smartphones. Pioneer is stepping up to the plate with AppRadio, a new aftermarket car stereo designed to capitalize on the increased functionality that smartphones allow. The AppRadio, set to launch in June, will include Pandora and… → Read More

born this way

Lady Gaga Album For $0.99 – Loss Leaders Being Used to Attract Business

For today only people can get Lady Gaga’s entire “Born This Way” album for the low price of $0.99. It is not a deal from iTunes, nor from Google. It is a deal from Amazon, and is good for today only. Why would Amazon make such a great deal available? The answer is simple. This… → Read More


Osama Bin Laden News Quietly Separates Sirius XM From Competitors

The news came across the wires yesterday, Osama Bin Laden Dead! The news rocked the world Sunday night and people were looking for more information on the subject. People tuned into televisions and turned on their radio’s. The Internet was scorching as interested consumers wanted the latest news. For Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI), this is a… → Read More


New York Auto Show set to Start – SiriusBuzz will be There

The New York International Auto Show has always been a hot spot for car makers to introduce their concepts, show off their greatest features, and interact with the public. This year the show will open to the public on April 22nd, but SiriusBuzz has press access beginning tomorrow, April 19th. This means you can get… → Read More

Country Music Being Dropped by Key Markets – Is Terrestrial Radio Short Sighted?

Country music is one of the most popular genres in the business. Millions of fans flock to the style and attend concerts every year. It would seem natural that major radio markets across the country would at least have one station dedicated to the format. Even if Country is not as popular in some regions,… → Read More