Could Karmazin Stay Past February 1, 2013?

Liberty Media (NASDAQ:LMCA), the company that is on the cusp of taking control of SiriusXM (NASDAQ:SIRI), had its Q3 conference call today.  As expected there was some discussion regarding the satellite radio provider.  One central piece of that discussion was the hunt for a new CEO at SiriusXM.  Liberty had stated that they will be… → Read More


SiriusXM’s Advantage In Music Rights

SiriusXM has many advantages when it comes to audio entertainment.  The company delivers content through satellite as well as the Internet, has a wealth of channels, a plethora of content, and is free from the reigns of censorship that impact traditional radio services.  There are also disadvantages to being a satellite radio service.  One of… → Read More


SiriusXM Donates Satellite To Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum

What do you do with a shiny new satellite that you will not be using?  Well, if you are SiriusXM you become part of history and donate it to the Smithsonian.  That is exactly what the satellite radio provider did with its FM-4 satellite, which it bought early in the decade as a spare, but… → Read More


Keep SiriusXM Weird – Company Opens Austin Studio

If you think the title of this article is strange consider that the official slogan of Austin Texas is “Keep Austin Weird”.  Now SiriusXM is doing its part to keep Austin Weird by opening a brand new studio in the great state of Texas!  That’s right, SiriusXM will now have a presence in what many consider… → Read More


Seamless SiriusXM is the Next Step

For quite some time I had harped on the fact that I felt SiriusXM (NASDAQ:SIRI) needed to embrace its Internet platform for growth.  Yes, the royalties are higher, but the Internet platform offered a wealth of potential that included the ability to offer more content, customized content, and even services like On-Demand.  When the company… → Read More

Dj Turntable 1024x768 Club Music Wallpaper

Pandora Founder Pens Letter To Music Fans

I do not care if you are a SiriusXM, Spotify, Slacker, or a Pandora fan!  The fact of the matter is that I am a consumer of several services and enjoy them all for what they are.  While Pandora is not really my cup of tea, there are some 55 million active users that find… → Read More


SiriusXM Should Make an App For That

There’s an App for that.  It was a genius marketing move by Apple when the company launched its iPhone, and it still applies today. Apps have a massive place in the daily lives of millions of people and SiriusXM (NASDAQ:SIRI) could capitalize on that in a substantial way.   No, I am not talking about… → Read More


Radio Wars Film up for Award

The story of SiriusXM (NASDAQ:SIRI) has been an interesting decade long journey.  Satellite radio stock has seen massive highs and massive lows and the drama that has played out both as a service and as an investment has been the stuff of near legendary status.  Satellite radio has created millionaires and seen some lose everything…. → Read More

Van Halen Announces 2012 Tour – A Channel On Sirius XM Would Be Intense

Well for music fans there was a bit of a holiday surprise this week. Iconic 80′s rock band Van Halen has dropped some serious hints that they will embark on a world tour in 2012. The band just signed a new record deal with Intersope, and intends to announce some tour dates with tickets going… → Read More

lynn samuels

Sirius XM Personality Lynn Samuels Passes Away Christmas Eve

Whether you agreed with her politics or not, one thing was true about Lynn Samuels.  She was passionate about her position and created compelling radio.  Lynn had been with Sirius XM for about 8 years, and was once a staple with a regular weekday slot on Sirius XM’s Liberal channel.  Most recently she had a… → Read More