Spotify Hits 2,000,000 Subscribers

Spotify, the Internet radio subscription company that launched in the United States only a couple of months ago (mid July) has now surpassed 2,000,000 subscribers on a global basis. This would mean that Spotify has added subscribers at a pace of about 200,000 per month, a level that would make Sirius XM jealous. The subscription… → Read More

Is Spotify’s Growth Impressive?

The U.S. launch of Spotify was widely anticipated, and the company was quite active in advertising their service across the web.  Just  a month after their U.S. debut the company reportedly has 1.4 million registered users, and an impressive 175,000 paying subscribers.  While these numbers may seem less than impressive to some, they represent a… → Read More

Spotify Cuts Deal With Shazam – Should Sirius XM Follow Suit?

At this point most people that follow Sirius XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI) are well aware that a new competitor, Spotify, has entered the audio entertainment space. While the U.S. launch of Spotify will not carry a huge impact on Sirius XM, it will be something that Sirius XM investors should watch. I am somewhat of… → Read More

Rhapsody Passes 800,000 Subscribers… For The Second Time

As a Sirius XM investor I can remember the day when 100,000 subscriber milestones carried importance. Now, seeing a longtime Internet Music company like Rhapsody make such announcements seems almost humorous. When I read the headline my first thought was to chuckle. Then I looked deeper and saw that what Rhapsody has done was get… → Read More

Slacker Doubles Listeners With AOL Partnership

Today AOL Music announced that Slacker will now exclusively power AOL Radio and will offer a new radio experience with fewer ads, new personalization features, and premium subscription offerings. The new Slacker backed service will deliver three product tiers to users: the free AOL Radio service as well two on-demand premium subscription tiers with personalization… → Read More

Best Buy Headed To The Cloud – Are Clouds Better Than Satellites?

Amazon has their Cloud, as does Apple and Google. Now Best Buy is looking to enter the cloud as well. With all of this news about cloud based services, and all of the hype surrounding them, a natural question might be whether or not these services will impact Sirius XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI). The immediate… → Read More

Is The Combination of Pandora and iHeartRadio a Threat to Sirius XM?

Pandora (NYSE:P) has now gone public and the comparisons between the Internet Radio provider and Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) have moved to a brand new level. The comparisons are warranted, as audio entertainment is an evolving medium that now includes streaming music through the Internet. This truth is undeniable when you consider that Sirius XM’s upcoming… → Read More

Pandora IPO A Success?

The trading day is almost over, and already the Pandora (NYSE:P) IPO will be viewed as a success by some, and a failure by others even before the ticker tapes from a day of trading get swept up. I can already see the debates raging on as Pandora fans clash with fans of other radio… → Read More

Pandora IPO May Be Richer Than Anticipated

In the last few weeks the size of the Pandora IPO has increased substantially. It was initially thought that about 17 million Pandora (NYSE:P) shares (including an over allotment) would be offered with a price point between $7 and $9. That would have made the IPO worth between $119 million and $153 million. Last Wall… → Read More

Pandora Increases IPO Price

Pandora (NYSE:P) announced today that they are raising the target price of their IPO from a range of $7-$9 to $10-$12 per share. It is anticipated that nearly 17 million shares will be sold during the offering. The company hopes to raise over 200 million when they go public any week now. Boasting 95 million… → Read More