Spotify Now Available in Australia & New Zealand

Spotify announced today that have officially launched in both Australia and New Zealand, bringing the music service to a total of 15 countries including Germany, US, UK, Sweden, France, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. Since raising over $100 million for their U.S. Expansion,  Spotify has been growing like wildfire, adding over… → Read More

Is Music Service MOG in Trouble?

Is MOG in trouble?  That is a  question that CEO David Hyman has been trying to fend off after a recent report by CNET stated that the subscription music service is struggling and looking for a buyer.  According to Billboard Hyman expressed to Reuters that MOG is not “actively” shopping itself, and while the company… → Read More

Slacker Lands Top Latin Music Icon – Upgrades Latin Music Programming

Slacker has expanded its curated Spanish language offerings by launching four new Latin stations – Memorias, Puro Norte, Romántica and Salsa – and also by updating two stations within the Latin genre – Puro México and Éxitos Pop. All of Slacker Radio’s Latin stations are available for free on the web at Not only… → Read More

Pandora Looks to Take Over the Dashboard (and Every Other Place You Listen to Music)

With more than 125 million registered users listening for 18 hours a month, Pandora now has 68% market share of the crowded internet radio space. What might come as a surprise is that the internet radio giant has quietly worked partnerships with 16 automotive brands. Jessica Steel, EVP of business says “the car is one… → Read More

Slacker Announces Even More Non-Music Programming At CES

Slacker certainly is not being silent at CES this year.  The company had already announced the addition of live sports programming in a partnership with ESPN, and today added more non-music programming to their line-up with talk programming and weather.  It is moves like these that illustrate Slackers transformation from a music only service to… → Read More

Slacker Adds Live Sports to Their Line-Up

Slacker is turning up the heat in audio entertainment by going into live content.  Some people feel that Internet Radio is nothing more than a “jukebox” over the Internet, but that is shortsighted thinking.  The Internet platform is not only capable of delivering all of the music listeners want, but also very capable of delivering… → Read More

Deezer Goes Global With Launch In Over 200 Countries

Today at LeWeb, the largest Internet event in the world, Deezer, the world’s leading music streaming service, has announced plans to become the first true global provider of streaming music with detailed plans of service in over 200 counties. Deezer will roll out in a number of new territories every week starting 8th December, 2011… → Read More

AOL Radio, Powered By Slacker, Re-Launches

While mentioning the name AOL might bring a few chuckles and memories of the early days of the Internet, the service still exists and is oft used by many. A while back AOL partnered with Internet Radio service Slacker to ramp up the AOL music experience. The new site is fresh looking and offers the… → Read More

Facebook Music Seems All The Rage – MOG Announces Integration

Today at f8, Facebook’s developer conference, MOG announced a new social music listening experience integrated with Facebook Platform that makes it easy for people to discover music through friends.  MOG joins a long list of music services that have become more social through Facebook.  MOG’s state-of-the-art, on-demand and free listening service is now integrated with… → Read More

Is Deezer Getting Ready For A U.S. Launch?

You may have never hear of it before but Deezer is a player in audio entertainment that you may want to watch for in the months to come. Last year we first saw Deezer cross our radar screen when the company cut a deal with Orange, a cell carrier in France. Deezer is now making… → Read More