C3SR is once again “advocating” on behalf of you the consumer. In their most recent filing, penned by attorney Julian Shepard (formerly of the NAB), they requested the following on behalf of satellite radio subscribers:

  1. Restitution to the public for what C3SR calls intentional violations of FCC Rules.
  2. A sum of over $250 million for the interoperability “concession” made by the FCC at the time the licenses were granted.
  3. Fire all officers, directors and employees who C3SR claims participated in, had knowledge of, or conspired in the violation of FCC rules.
  4. Develop and put to market interoperable receivers.
  5. Make restitution to all subscribers who subscribed to Sirius, XM, or both for failing to put an interoperable receiver into the market.
  6. Give every existing subscriber a free interoperable receiver.
  7. Divestiture of one satellite system
  8. Divestiture of one license.
  9. Halt exclusive arrangements with programmers.
  10. Halt exclusive arrangements with retailers.
  11. Halt exclusive arrangements with manufactures.
  12. Create program access requirements to allow a competitor to acquire programming.
  13. Have temporary price freezes.
  14. Have specific advertising limits.

All of this is “on behalf” of you the subscriber. One of the services existing customer base will “die off” because there will be no spectrum. Isn’t that wonderful? 10,000,000 subscribers simply turned off from their service. They demand an interoperable radio even though the merger will make such a radio a moot point, as would open access. Loose a satellite system thereby harming existing subscribers. Pay huge fines, and lose programming to a “new competitor”. If you have XM and want Opie and Anthony, you could lose it. This would force you to buy a new receiver to some unidentified company.

Julian… Are you advising your client that much of what they are asking for will harm the existing subscribers that they claim to advocate for?

While there is room for debate on many issues, there is also resolution that will ensure that the subscribers your client “advocates” for are not harmed.

I assume that C3SR has copies of complaints from consumers that support all of the “damages” that they allege… right Julian?

I would assume that C3SR has surveyed subscribers about whether or not they desire an interoperable receiver… right Julian?

I would assume that C3SR has polled subscribers to see their opinions on spectrum divestiture… right Julian? Need I go on?

It looks like it is once again time for subscribers to contact the FCC and file comments. Let the FCC know where you stand on the suggestions of C3SR and their attorney Julian Shepard. Take it point by point as outlined above with your own comment to express your opinion. Spell out what your feelings are as a consumer….good bad or indifferent….it does not matter so long as you are letting the FCC know your opinions. This is important because C3SR is claiming to be your advocate. Do you want the FCC to assume that this is the case?

You can get your comments to the FCC with ease by visiting www.siriusmerger.com or www.xmmerger.com.

Read the C3SR Filing

Position – Long Sirius, XM. Not represented by C3SR