c3sr.JPGThey claim to advocate on behalf of all satellite radio consumers. They accept money and direction from the National Association of Broadcasters. They have never published any data that gives indication of the membership, nor have they ever presented anything to substantiate that their anti-merger opinion is shared by the majority of the subscribers that they claim to represent. They are C3SR.

In an ExParte filing with the FCC, C3SR claims to have had a meeting with the FCC on March 27, 2007. At this alleged meeting, C3SR once again outlined their anti-merger stances. They outlined what they term as evidence of competition between Sirius and XM.

The Problem......

There was no meeting on the 27th of March. In a subsequent filing with the FCC yesterday, the confused organization filed a new ExParte filing with the FCC to state that the meeting was actually held on March 28th.

Now, mistakes happen, but it gets even more humorous.

Attorney Julian Shepard, in his original filing, dated the letter March 27th (on page one) when the meeting was to be held on March 28th. He then states that the meeting was held on the 27th in the text of the letter. Now, turning to the second page of the same letter Mr. Shepard dates the page March 28th. It would appear that Mr. Sheppard was confused about not only the day of the meeting, but also on which day he wrote the letter to the FCC.

These are the people that claim to advocate on behalf of all satellite radio subscribers!!!

C3SR in action......Perhaps they and C3TR are two peas in a pod.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM